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I started playing guitar at the age of 7 , my father bought me an acoustic flamingo 10.00 $ guitar , I got my first electric when I was in Junior high school , I was 14 by then .. it was 1963 and the English bands were taking America by storm . I play in two bands all through out high schools . By 1974 I was the house act at * The Flick * coffee house , where I got to meet and play for some of the very best acts in the US. The Blues was Brought About After Loosing My Only Son in an Motorcycle accident .. There was No Relief unless I was Listening Great Blues Artist , So At The Age Of 61 ( 5 Years ago ) I Started To Play My Beloved Fender Strats and Telecasters . It Took 2 Years just to find the right gear to get the sound I wanted To Hear. So 45 Years of Playing Acoustic Guitars .. and Now a Humble Student On Electric Blues Which I Love Like The Air I Breath.

I want you all to know how much I Truly Appreciate the fact that you like my music. Last year was a Roller Coaster for me , I lost some really Good Friends of mine, and the same with my Band. Sometimes we let our Egos get the best of us, what can I do .. But move on. Life is a Journey that we must appreciate and be Thankful for, always Live in our Here and Now, and let us all be Grateful for what we have, no matter how small. I will admit that it's been a Hard Time financially for me, But My Love for my Higher Power has sustained me, and my Beautiful Family ! I Promise to have some really Great New Songs, and my Oldest Daughter President of MidNightBlues Productions LLC. has been wonderful, and She and Some Great Friends are raising the funds for Studio Time and Video Production work by * Third Eye Productions * Whose CEO Steve J. Gast will be doing. So as I say before, it won't be much longer for all this to come together, and a whole New World will be here for us. I Love You All for being My Fans, For without you Not a thing would be happening, It's the Fans that give so much so much support and Joy. I wish each and everyone of you a Super Labor Day Weekend, and May many Blessings land in your Hearts ! There's over One Thousand of You All and I Dedicate all songs to each and everyone of you. It's been said that Music is Magical and change all Negativity in Happiness, I know that's True. I'm sure that you want to see Live Videos, they will be included, So Love, Joy, and Peace

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The Joe Taylor Band - Vocals/Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar
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The Joe Taylor Band
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