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Born December 28th 1983 as Troy Berry aka Apollo Benjamins he is from lexington park maryland aka Lp City he had a rough childhood and as a child he seen things he shouldn't have seen as he got older he developed a passion for basketball and music but after the basketball career didn't workout he learned how to rap from watching his cousin J.R. who sadly died in november 1999 so after he died apollo decided to keep making music to carry on J.R.'s legacy he has been on several mixtapes since the year 2001 and he has two albums out one is titled "the millon dollar"-2007 and the other is called "The legal hu$tle"-2010 in 2011 he will release his highly anticipated mixtape "your all welcome" his rhymes are real there also filled with punchlines and metaphors he makes music from his heart and rhymes about what goes on in the streets and what he has been through he is 27 years of age and he will not stop making music until he is successful and can provide for his family the passion he has for music is like nothing else in his music is his outlet and the he expresses how he feels his style is mainly east coast type of rap and he feels he has own style he's been in the game for 10 years without a record deal but he still generates alot of buzz whenever he releases a mixtape or album even though he is from a small city he still feels he can make it even know though the odds are against him because it's not where your from but it's where you at. check out my website apollobenjamins.com

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