Sampson- a one word name that perhaps conjures up some distant recollection of a slightly different spelled, bible-based warrior with supernatural powers, who was able to combat his enemies and perform heroic feats… or it may remind you of a Hanna-Barbera TV show of the late 1960’s, featuring another superhero, also imbued with great strength, endurance and agility.

Or you could be talking about Sampson, the self-described, out, gay, black comedian, activist, writer, speaker and fearless advocate of issues and concerns that speak to the challenges of those whose daily lives are marginalized and threatened. So you would not be far off no matter which Sampson/Samson comes to mind. Even though those comparisons are not entirely complete. Because Sampson, the comedian, is distinctly unique: a thinking, funny, passionate comic- who bridges culture, race, age and community with fresh humor, straddling an understanding and a perspective of the world that both an African American straight mom and a young white DL bisexual teenage boy could both equally relate to, while trying to recover from non-stop laughs and serious reflection.

Above all else- Sampson is a uniquely talented and extremely funny storyteller. He draws from the brilliant comic styling’s of America’s top comic legends, such as Bill Cosby and Whoopi Goldberg- two of his own comic heroes. Sampson draws from a rich reservoir of personal triumphs and everyday occurrences. Finding humor from his tough roots, being raised by a single mother in rural North Carolina to facing head-on, the judgmental cruelty and fierce hypocrisy of homophobic preachers and self-appointed, so-called ‘family values’ bigots. Sampson deals with the toxic daggers of our society’s sometimes judgmental and hateful tendencies with warm grace, intellectual honesty and damn funny jokes.

For over a decade, he has built his brand from the ground up, literally working the smallest of stages, as he puts it, “in coffee shops, STD clinics, gas stations, and apartment kitchens” to most recently in the largest of venues, headlining the Howard Theater in his own show, as the first African American, out, gay male comic, as well as The White House, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, colleges and sold out concert venues across the country with notable entertainers such as Whoopi Goldberg, Luenell, Thea Vidale and Patti LaBelle, and appearing on BET, OWN Network and MTV. He is also a gifted writer, penning two successful books and he has gained a serious following as a prolific public speaker, invited to campuses to lecture at places like Harvard University.

He loves reaching the masses, making everybody feel good, with the gift of comedy, and he doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon.

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