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P.O. Box 24951
Winston-Salem, NC 27114
Tel. 336-682-7092
Email. bcclpraise@gmail.com

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Bachar-Chayah also has a Jazz group called Jazz Des Tropiques; their songs can be heard at this link:

Bachar-Chayah - the world's first Spiritual Multi-Chromatic Jazz & Rhythms group - interprets the message of life and freedom in musical form unlike any other artist by serving up a very unique menu of rhythms as diverse as its members are. They hail from across the longitudes of several continents and symbiotically unite in hearts, minds, and spirits to raise songs of adulation to God. Such litany of ethnic origins makes for a peculiar melting-pot that is uniquely equipped to dish out synchronic beats that peck the heavens open to beckon the Holy Ghost down for a life-giving walkabout among His ardent adorers. Their music is a congress of authentic compositions of praise that borrow its synthetic expression from the virtues of instruments keyed to percolate as well as liberate your audible curiosity and appetite. Every song is a magnificent although unconventional arrangement of the anticipated and the unexpected. Sundry genres cleave together seamlessly in heaven-breathed sonic marriages. Bachar-Chayah’s genius draws new musical boundaries in uncharted melodic frontiers. Theirs is the ultimate conquest of the unknown, an exploration into the unattained.
Bachar-Chayah is your invitation to a journey of out-of-fashion praise and worship with substance, to share in a heart cry of utmost gratitude toward divine grace. They love Jesus Christ, the One True Celebrity whose walk, works, and words are worthy of the fanatical obsession of a worldwide following. The pursuit of life to the fullest defines Bachar-Chayah’s mission, ministry and music. Life is power, passion, purpose, provision and a Person: Jesus Christ (John 14:6). In the Bible is found this fantastic text in Deuteronomy 30:19: "I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life (Bachar-Chayah)." Humanity has a formidable foe: Satan (Death) and a personable Friend: Jesus (Life). The best option is the easiest decision: Bachar-Chayah! Choose Life!

Bachar-Chayah was featured on stage at Tamarack’s weekly Sunday@Two event on January 9th, 2012. Tamarack is Beckley -located West Virginia's premiere destination for art, culture, entertainment and fine cuisine. Click on the link below to see Beckley Herald-Register's front page snip on Bachar-Chayah:

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Ange Rosine Belinga, Erin Chanel Belinga, Jean-Jacques Belinga, Jennifer Harris, Sarah Belinga.
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Spiritual / Jazz / Christian / Worship / Praise

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Winston-Salem, NC
Ange Rosine Belinga

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