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Born in rural Missouri and living most recently in Chicago, Chris Darby is a folk musician whose true home is anywhere his music takes him. Though his singing sometimes reaches the ferocious roar of a territorial lion and other times sinks to the gentle whisper of a wise sage, his vocal style embodies a rare emotional honesty which captures the full range and depth of his life experience. Likewise, his dynamic guitar playing gracefully shifts between hypnotic arpeggios and the building crescendo of an oncoming train. With several albums from his folk band Them Damn Kids behind him, he hit the road as a solo artist in July 2010.

Much of Chris’ musical development has taken place as the principle singer/songwriter of Them Damn Kids, a Chicago-based folk band. In an age where marketing is widely considered a key element for musical success, Them Damn Kids maintained a patient and old-fashioned approach to achieving success- relentless touring. The band has played over 300 live shows, from coffee shops to bars, from farmers markets to art centers. While the realities of life on the road have worn down many aspiring musicians, Chris has survived even overnight drives when the driver and all passengers fell asleep at the same time- and has emerged eager to play more.

In December 2009, he completed an ambitious challenge posed by the Sixty Years War Collective by writing 31 songs in 31 days. A few of these songs will join his already expansive repertoire as he hits the road in 2010. Much like a stalk of corn raised in the Midwestern heartland, sustained by scant nutrients and occasional sunlight, Chris is ready to be harvested and emerge as a solo artist to be consumed by folk enthusiasts across America.

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Chris Darby-Acoustic Guitar/Vocals, Rolland Gairroes-Bass/Electric Guitar, Julius Otto- Lead Guitar/Mandolin/Accordian, Michael Schroder- Drums/Percussion, Ty M
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Chris Darby
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Bend, OR
Chris Darby