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I grew up in Philadelphia in the Northwest section known as Sommer Ville or Uptown. I'm the second oldest out of three siblings, I have a older sister and a younger brother. I averaged A's and B's in school and got good grades in behavior. By the year 1992 I knew I wanted to be a rapper, I was only 6 years old, One day I was sitting on the couch with my dad watching music videos and the hit single by Kris Kross titled "Jump Jump" came on. I remember asking my dad how are they able to rap and be on television and they're only kids? My dad said you can start rapping at any age. From that point I knew that's what I wanted to do.
In the year 1994 my parents got divorced. That changed my mode from good to bad. I started getting bad grades and 3's in behavior. I was always getting into trouble and it wasn't anything my mom could do to stop me from misbehaving in school except for putting me on punishment. I stayed on punishment so I deliverly went to school to be bad. I use to get suspended at least 3 times a month. The fact that I was always on punishment, I could never go outside. So one of my main hobbies was listening to the radio. Being on punishment all the time gave me a lot of time to think to myself.
Friday September 13th, 1996 the great Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead. This was a really bad day for me because I was a die hard Tupac fan. When I went to school that day, instead of doing my class work I decided to write my first rap. A few hours later I'm in the lunch room spitting the rap that I wrote on paper to my friends and everybody liked it. This gave me the courage to keep writing raps. I still was on punishment a lot but not as much now that I picked up this new hobby. Instead of fighting and misbehaving in class, I decided to sit in the corner and write raps. The teacher knew that I wasn't doing my work but I was so bad my teacher allowed me to write raps because that's the only time I wasn't causing chaos in the class. But I still was getting bad grades.
In the year 2000 I was a hot rapper without a name. I started calling myself "Madd Dogg" this only lasted for a few weeks because I couldn't think of anything else better at the time, and I definitely didn't want people calling me Sheldon either. One day a friend of mine suggested that I should change my name to Blaze because every rap was hot. I was iffy about it at first. As we're walking back from the store, we see a group of people rapping in a cypher. My friend broke the ice by saying "yall niggas ain't fucking with my young bull Blaze. " I did not want to rap at all. These guys looked like they were 16, 17, and 18 years old, I was only 13. The oldest looking person asked me "ya name Blaze" I replied yeah. He said that name sounds hot, let me hear something. I replied you go first, the whole crowd went crazy as if they were about to witness a battle. I was mad at my friend for even putting me in this situation in the first place because he didn't rap, he was just a fan of me. The older guy rapped first and he was corny. After listening to his first rap, my confidence went all the way up. We went 3 rounds and I smashed him. All the older kids gave me props. From this point on I was a battle rapper. The next day I seen the same group of old heads giving me props again. One guy thought my name was Murda, I said no my name is Blaze he said fuck it Murda Blaze. I said hmmm I like that name.
In the year 2006 I've matured musically and decided that I didn't want to be called Murda Blaze any more but everyone knew me as Murda Blaze so I decided to call myself M Dot B. By this time I've learned how to make beats and record music. I turned my house into a studio and started changing people $25 a hour for studio time just to play bills. I knew so many people that rap and was willing to pay me studio time, I was actually making decent money. But having random niggas in and out my house wasn't the greatest idea.
January 19, 2009 I went to Washington DC to see the Obama inauguration and my phone was ranging off the hook. People wanted studio time but wasn't home, I was in DC and that's what I was telling everybody. I will be back in a few days. When I finally got home the first thing that I noticed was all my studio equipment was gone. This was a major set back. I ended up loosing my house and moving to Southwest Philadelphia.
2011 I started slowly getting my equipment back to the way it was before I got robbed. The only thing I was missing was a microphone but I had the capability to make beats so I made a lot of beats that year. I didn't record one song in 2011.
2013 I was simply not inspired to do music at all. Every once in the blue I would record something but I didn't like it so I never put it out. I had writers block a lot that year. Going through a lot of personal issues at the same time trying to reinvent myself and keep up with the times. I had to realize that I already have my own style so I decided to keep rapping the way I already rap.

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