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Stone-age rock for binary times. No auto-tune. No vo-coders. Strictly Lo-fi and DIY.

Kweezy uses only his actual voices and real wooden instruments with strings or skins stretched upon them along with an occasional cheap-ass Casio keyboard. Some of these recordings were recorded on actual cassette tape-recorders and then transposed to the digital age by playing those tapes on a tune-box and recording them with a PC mic. The newer stuff was recorded with a "live" mic run into one track of a 4-track plugged into a crappy old desk-top and mixed with a freeware version of Audacity. Kweezy proudly accepts full responsibility for the debaucher-writing, de-arranging, un-production, bad notes & crappy recording of all this cacophony with the following notable exceptions and disclaimers:

RAISE YOUR GLASS was written by P!nk, Max Martin, and Johan Karl Schuster (aka-Shellback).

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT (TGIF) was written by Katy Perry, Max Martin, and Bonnie McKee.

THE COTTON SONG (Fabric of our lives) was written by Richie Havens.

CHRISTEN & KAELIN CULLEN provided the angelic vocalizations on "Ecophenisis (Boombalonga)".

JEREMY RANDOLPH provides exceptional drumming on "Screw Transunion" & extraordinary vocals on "Look what ya got me doin'".

RYAN ZARA [of Circle Stars fame] programmed the fantastic beats & bass tracks on "ANCIENT CHINESE SECRET" & "EATING THE FRUIT" using Fruity Loops software. In late 2009 Ryan e-mailed these two MP3 tracks to Kweezy to which Kweezy wrote the words, sang and played his guitar. Kweezy's trying to figure out how to use this Fruity Loops thing himself now. He and Ryan also collaborated up in Utica, NY back in the winter of 94/95' to create a tape or two under the pseudonym of "Dionne Warwick's Psychic Soldiers". Kweezy did the strings and vox to which Ryan provided some eloquent guitar work & inventive vocalizations. Many of these Carlo Rossi-inspired, extemporaneous ditties from those tape-recording sessions can be found here and are clearly labelled as PSYCHIC SOLDIERS. A couple of them actually went on to receive very limited airplay on a college radio station in Syracuse, NY.

CHET "the Chef" LOUGHRY [now slaying them in Hatecore Inc] played bass & LARRY SPOLJARIC [now a defense attorney] played drums on "DAREDEVIL" & "AMPUTEE". Kweezy provided strings, vox and wrote them. The three of them together were affectionately known as TOOTH GRINDER. Those two songs were recorded live on one track of a 4-track in Larry's Ohio basement back in 2000 and were then performed live in front of throngs of adoring fans. Chet also provides the mumbles and screams on "Lying through their grinding teeth", recorded in 2011.

The DEVIL STRIP videos feature Kweezy on vocals and were recorded live at the Spitfire Saloon in Cleveland, OH and Annabell's Lounge in Akron, OH in 2011. That band also included the notorious CHUCK CHILDREN [from Bwak Dwagon & Lionel Jefferson Airplane] & MIKE SCHUBERT [from Easy Aces & Whornz] on guitars, MATT RIEMENSCHNEIDER on bass and LOU GIFFELS on drums. Most of those songs were written by Kweezy and that band collectively with Kweezy as the lyricist. The exceptions being, "Happy Day" & "Baby's Gone" of course, which are Kweezy's and Kweezy's alone.

Kweezy can also be heard on another now defunct side project here: https://www.reverbnation.com/djavoo

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Douglas B Cullen - Multi-Instrumentalist
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KwEeZy RoX
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Indie / Lo-Fi Outsider Post-Rock / Punk!

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Wadsworth, OH
He doesn't need nobody telling him what to do.

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