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S.O.L Spoken is a collection of poetry, lecture, and performance that addresses many of the social stresses that often inhibit the academic achievement and healthy relationship building skills of adolescent and
young adults.

In this presentation, I use my sociological lens to synthesize my observations as an educator and effectively communicate a message of resiliency through poetry. To enhance the level of audience engagement, I use other visual and performing arts to centralize the themes of the presentation. This presentation includes musical accompaniment and live freehand impressionist artwork. It is my belief that art is intended to imitate life but too often I see the detrimental display of the opposite. That is, when life imitates art and our youth attempt to personify the fictional stories told by their favorite rappers. As an educator, I have observed an increasing trend that leads youth to falsely identify with music that contains messages that distract them from their obstacles and further complicate their progress.

Thus through the messages contained in S.O.L Spoken, I counteract the status quo and encourage young people to experience a change of perspective. From the coping mechanism used to deal with loss, abandonment or bereavement, to self-worth and trust, I cover an expansive amount of sociological and psychological theory in my presentation.

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Karega Bailey Presents: SOL Spoken
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Sacramento, CA