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“When we heard that SACRILEGE would be playing in Antwerp again, we decided to schedule our annual trip to this fantastic city. This band is one of the rough diamonds of the post NWOBHM scene and once you’ve seen them live, you want to go back. Their enthusiasm is enormous and every song contains that bit of extra, lifting it up to high above the average hard rock and heavy metal song. The band announced two evenings in a row with different shows. People know that the band is willing to give at least a full hundred percent tonight. And a good example is “Lucifer’s Soldiers”, where the first mask-makeover of Neil is a fact. With his devil mask he turns himself into the perfect Lucifer on drums. He is totally in control and constantly watches all sides of the stage. “Cry Of The Night” and “The Prophet” are up next. With “In Hell”, the band just struck gold. I see many people enjoying this doomy track. We watched an amazing live show of a band ! (see full article in th”

“Sacrilege 2017 Malta Doom Metal Festival. "With British band Sacrilege it's time to go back to the golden years of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The band is now relaunching itself, playing European stages and sounding like pure molten steel. During the forty-five minutes at disposal, Sacrilege delivered a repertoire taken from the latest Six6Six album, dated 2015, and also revisited some of the cornerstones of their earliest discography. The tightness of the four musicians was solid and their performance exciting and dynamic, made all the more colourful by the masks worn by drummer Neil Turnbull during some of the show's moments. The frontman and leader, Bill Beadle, had a splendid voice and his smiles betrayed his approval of the crowd's enthusiastic response. A compelling and faultless performance that the audience clearly appreciated, as they also had the privilege of being catapulted to a distant but never forgotten musical age." Metallized Italian Fanzine !”

“Sacrilege come from the NWOBHM.We provide a link to their official page: http://www.sacrilegenwobhm.com /. While seeing these veteran English masters appear at Chateau Buskett, one wonders whether there are any NWOBHM bands that have not been recovered, reformed, or rediscovered in any way. Moreover, Sacrilege are one of those bands in that particular movement that had not even published an album at the time, but only demos. Yet, once on stage, these guys are absolutely convincing. The energy they demonstrate to an audience with some 20 spring-seasons less on their shoulders is impressive and it's clear they are here to have fun and to make sure the audience has fun with them. Songs such as 'Live Another Day' and 'Welcome To The Dragon's Den' possess that kind of classic 80s metal vibe that makes them perfect for being played alive. The result is really amazing. As far as we are concerned therefore, it’s a case of ‘welcome back guys’!"”

“Legends of Rock 2017. Sacrilege return for a second year to give us more of their NWOBHM, Their orchestral intro has us shivering in anticipation and once again these dudes don't disappoint. There's no power posing or air grabbing here, just full on British Metal, screaming falsettos juxtaposed by deep vocals and guitar solos that bounce off the V lounge walls. This hard working, hard rocking monstrosity of a band have been hitting the circuit and knocking out stone cold hard original rock that they need to be on your must-see list. Beware - Lucifer is alive and well.”

“Fette Compilation - in jeglicher Hinsicht! Fast parallel zum offiziellen neuen Album steuert SACRILEGE als Teil des neuen Deals auch eine Art Compilation zum Sommerloch bei, welche sich quantitativ wie qualitativ gewaschen hat. In der Vergangenheit gab es bereits einige offizielle und inoffizielle Veröffentlichungen, die sich mit dem Werk des NWoBHM-Urgesteins beschäftigt haben, doch kein solcher Release kann für sich beanspruchen, trotz der verschiedenen Aufnahmeperioden des Materials wie aus einem Guss zu klingen. Auf "Ashes To Ashes" findet man sowohl frischere Kompositionen als auch Nummern, die bereits auf den schwer auffindbaren Demos zugegen waren, und das macht die Scheibe erst so wertvoll. Gemeinsam mit der offiziellen neuen Scheibe "Six6Six" ist der jüngere Katalog dieser Band, sprich die 2015er Releases, ein echter Ohrenschmaus, den sich Verfechter epischer Classic-Metal-Klänge nicht entgehen lassen dürfen. Fett! (Link to open the full article below)”

“Nach vielen Irrungen und Wirrungen haben die NWOBHM-Überbleibsel Sacrilege dieser Tage ein neues Album herausgebracht. Wenn man dem Informationsmaterial Glauben schenken darf, führten viele äußerst unglückliche Umstände dazu, daß Sacrilege im den 80ern nicht durchstarten konnten und lediglich ein paar Demos veröffentlichte.  So wurde beispielsweise die Teilnahme an einer best besetzten Compilation in letzem Moment verworfen, da das Label diese kurz vor Veröffentlichung fallen ließ. Oder aber es mußte eine Tour mit Iron Maiden beispielsweise kurzfristig abgesagt werden, da sich der Drummer irgendwelche Knochen gebrochen hat.  Ok, das ist dann alles spekulativ, ob bei günstigeren Umständen der Durchbruch stattgefunden hätte. Fakt ist, daß die Band um Ur-Mitglied, Sänger und Gitarrist Bill Beadle durchaus interessante Musik zu bieten hat. Zumindest auf dem neuen Album „Six6Six“.   Klasse Album !! 8/10. Full article on the link below.”

“An event of titanic proportions at The London Dome with Titanfest seeing some great performances. This was easily the strongest bill of any indoor Metal festival in the capital this year. Sacrilege impressed with a tremendous sound, a set of super-strong songs and a confident performance that won them many new fans on the day and deservedly so. This is a band who make an effort, from the Satanic stage imagery including drummer Neil Turnbull's Baphomet mask to the appearance of Mr G Reaper Esq on stage who pulls a blade and stabs singer/guitarist Bill Beadle in the neck. The piercing scream the frontman lets out is enough to make Cerberus turn some of his multiple heads in shock. We even get dancing girls bursting out all over the stage during the song 'Whore' and it's true that you wouldn't fit many of those in a bucket. A thoroughly entertaining set from a band with a powerful repertoire and a penchant to deliver and that bass sound from Captain Chaos, Jeff Roland, is something else”

“There's something about the autumn, when a chill sets in and the darkness falls early. UK band Sacrilege (who started out around 1982) play music of stark and bleak beauty. Six6Six is full of grinding riffs, expressive leads and eerily mournful vocals. There's a slow shudder doom to the songs that fit the dark and unrepentant lyrics. Call it what you will: Doom, NWOBHM, Traditional Metal, Sacrilege is a band who follow their own infernal muse. From the power dirge of songs like "Lucifer's Soldiers", "Forever After" and "In Hell" to the dark groove of "Sanctuary" and "Welcome To The Dragon's Den" and the melancholy of "Paranoia" the songs on Six6Six are all painted with a varied, if somber, palette. If you haven't heard Sacrilege before, check them out.”

“Now back for their resurrection, Sacrilege mean business and what a hailstorm of fire they bring to the proceedings. A powerful mixture of Black Sabbath and Judas Priest, Sacrilege made a thunderous noise of a heavy concrete slab pounding down on to an armoured tank. Vocalist Bill Beadle possesses a voice from Hell full of wailing screams. Things turn more demonic for the Sabbathy 'In Hell' when drummer Neil Turnbull wears a convincing devilish mask and when the charismatic bassist Jeff Rolland looks like the hybrid of Nosferatu and a bat out of hell, you can be certain that Satan is laughing, spreading his wings... Oh lord yeah! I was gobsmacked to see the event was practically sold out, even more surprising when you consider that over half of the London Metal community were away at the Bloodstock Festival for the weekend. With 'Live Another Day' being a catchy anthem, Sacrilege were simply magnificent. London, The Borderline.”

“I had seen Sacrilege a few times before but I must say this was the best I had witnessed them. A crowd favourite, they were full of energy, playing the first half an hour of their set without a break. Bassist Jeff Rollins is the onstage character and Bill Beadle’s voice hit all the notes, even the high ones, every single time. This was another great performance, NWOBHM with a little bit of doom thrown in for good measure. (MEARFEST 4 The Borderline London)”

“This year sees the release of a compilation album from Sacrilege which was released on June 26th 2015 via Karthago Records. "Ashes To Ashes” provides an outline of the band’s work from the early 1980s to the present day. “Ashes To Ashes” runs for a whopping 1 hour, 18 minutes between 14 tracks. What a delight to the ears this is with catchy/memorable moments and excellent shredding guitar solos. I can’t stop headbanging to this and this will continue, as a barrage of riffs threaten to demolish the eardrums as Sacrilege launch into “Rock ‘N’ Roll With The Devil”. It’s another outstanding, memorable number. It’s such a good album and the 14 tracks flew by ! The musicianship on display is excellent. The rhythm section of Neil and Jeff is tight and consistent throughout and the lead guitar work is superb. With “Ashes To Ashes”, Sacrilege have made an album that will appeal to fans of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden & Judas Priest ! Fans of the NWOBHM won’t want to m”

“Garage Dayz2 NWOBHM Festival London Review June 2016. Turns out that making sure I was punctual was a good move. Before the venue doors opened, fans with Sacrilege shirts were already queuing up. No prizes for guessing what brought them here at such a relatively early hour. To my surprise, Sacrilege were incredibly good. The band’s set was clearly rooted in the NWOBHM and yet all the songs were intriguing. ‘In The Arena’ was a catchy old-school number while for ‘In Hell’ the band descended into traditional Doom territory….whatever they played, Sacrilege felt genuine. It would also be amiss of me not to mention the powerful yet solid voice of Bill Beadle (who also played guitar). Beadle was part of the original line-up of Sacrilege, which had materialised in 1982. The band stopped playing for about 25 years but are now writing new material and have other live shows planned. Those who were late for this opening act of GDR2 missed a treat ! Rating: 90/100”

“Fans who had their appetites whetted by the Ashes to Ashes compilation album did not have long to wait for the new "six6six" album. Opening with the sinister, dark and menacing ‘Death March six6six’ the new album immediately sets an evil tone, one that is heard many times throughout. Kicking off proper with the swashbuckling swagger of ‘Welcome To The Dragons Den’, Sacrilege are back, and doing what they do best. Hard edged, chugging guitars and in insane want to foot tap and head bang. A throbbing rhythm will keep both rockers and metal heads happy as it storms on to a conclusion. Slowing the pace is the moody and very heavy ‘Lucifer’s Soldiers’ echoing the legacy that Black Sabbath created during the 1970s. ‘In Hell’ maintains the doom metal style but increases the menace with a superb vocal performance and just for a moment you tremble, as if in a dimly lit room with a number of eerie, unexplained noises. Oh wait, the unexplained noises are Sacrilege…full review ”

“I've been meaning to write a piece about Sacrilege ever since I saw them live at The Power & Glory Fest in 2014 but something always got in the way. Earlier this year Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist Bill Beadle sent me a copy of their new album 'Six6Six' to review and then that also had to be put on hold because signing a record deal meant the release date got delayed. However, it's all worked out quite nicely because that label is Pure Steel subsidiary Karthago Records. Brutiful receive all the Pure Steel releases so not only do I have that album to review, but also this compilation 'Ashes To Ashes' which is part of the deal and being put out at roughly the same time! If you want to hear Sacrilege at their absolute best then you HAVE to see them live because that's where the magic really happens. They have an uncanny ability to completely control a stage and audience. If you combine that with the, usually, theatrical stage set, lighting and pyros it all adds the majesty...open the link !”

“Many thanks to Nelsons Column Sheffield for the following review of last night's gig: ..Sacrilege last night at the Church House Sheffield. Without doubt, the best original band I've seen for a long time. To play every track with a different " nod " to Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, KISS and I think we spotted a bit of Zeppelin, is very,very clever. And for " Our Rich " to get his wallet out and buy some CD's....They must have been good !!!.....Catch them next time XXX”

Nelsons Column Sheffield

“It was an absolute privilege to have Sacrilege travel up from England to take part in our NHC Big Pay Day Event, in Glasgow's Ivory Blacks. Originating from the N.W.O.B.H.M era, the band have resurrected themselves to full former glory & have been blazing across the country with their phenomenal live show performances. The band members clearly have virtuoso skills in technical play & deliverance as Bill Beadle reached various flawless vocal pinnacle's throughout the duration of his songs demonstrating his soaring vocal range as being one of the most captivating I have come across in a very long time. The atmosphere they created was electric & it was evident they were absolutely thriving within their performance. I feel the energy between them & the enjoyment of music making has never been as strong; With all original members together; who are most certainly on the same page makes for a defining key element that can only lead to a unique, feeling when they perform. Massive respect !”

“Next on the bill were 1980’s band Sacrilege, another criminally overlooked band from that period. Founding member Bill Beadle only reformed Sacrilege in late 2012 but the band already have a healthy fanbase and it’s clear to understand why from this gig. This band are melodic but thumpingly heavy. To me they come across as an almost Gothic Black Sabbath and the riffs are thunderous. Bill’s voice/guitar work is as good as it ever was and the band he has behind him now, Bassist Jeff Rolland, Guitarist Steve Weller and drumming genius Neil Turnbull are the perfect team for him to finally get the sound he wants. They were my wife Helen’s band of the day, in fact she totally fell in love with them and purchased just about everything on their merch stand and I really cannot disagree with her. Just listen to ‘The Unknown Soldier’ with headphones on and appreciate how powerful this band are. They are no less brilliant live and if you get a chance, go and see them gig !”