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In March of ’03 Rod Night was the only punk rocker in a small town until Floyd Flannigan and Travi Scum arrived. They came from Alaska and wanted to start a band. Benedict Arnold was born. It was Travi on drums, Rod on guitar and Floyd on Bass. They floated around St. Louis playing guitar on the streets and causing mischief. Eventually Benedict Arnold found its way into a punk house and of course wrecked it from basement shows and massive parties. All seemed well until the night of December 1st, ’05. Travi was tragically killed in a car wreck shortly after a Benedict Arnold show.

Rod and Floyd forged the broken pieces. Together with the help of Ricky Retardo, now their drummer, the guys continued to create potent punk rock. News of the band spread to cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Milwaukee. The guys quickly found themselves touring the nation. While rocking out at a dive bar in Southern California Benedict Arnold met Gunn and he had a round of Sailor Jerry waiting for them. Several bottles later it was unanimous that Gunn join the group on six-string. This band is a wild, whirlwind of adrenaline and antics. Keep your eyes and ears open for the menace known as Benedict Arnold

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Benedict Arnold
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