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The Diesel generator that kept us alive on the base started to malfunction at five this morning. It would stay on for about an hour and then go off for two or three hours. Less than a minute after it went off an unbearable temperature of -32 C could be felt filling up the crevices of the rooms. We ran to the tents we installed inside of the house after the first failure and waited, dressed as if we were going to climb Everest, for the wind to die down so we could fix it. The technician was swearing in German because he didn't have the necessary part. He kept repeating, "onoffonoffonoff, we'll remain like this until the storm calms down". It was during those twelve days, 54 miles southwest from McMurdo station, that we finished composing the first album of Infamous Deed. Ferax and I were part of Fictional Calamity in the 90's; after producing Rational (our only album under that group's name), we moved to different places to study and we lost contact. By chance, we found each other years later in one of the IRC chat rooms where electronic music was discussed. Both of us were involved in different projects and were experimenting with sounds always linked to industrial and electronic music. The Antarctica is Infamous Deed's musical home. We came to this incredible place because of work commitments (not related to music) and this is where we have composed the tracks of ONOFFONOFFONOFF, all under the optical illusion of being lit by three suns. - Fuscata, at the edge of Lake Fryxell


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Ferax and Fuscata
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Infamous Deed
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Rock / triphop, industrial, noise,

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Antarctica, AQ
Mr. Space Ghost AKA SG