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A quintet of unlikely colleagues drawn together by a common desire to create evocative and deeply meaningful music, Empyrean, have spent the last few years establishing themselves at the forefront of the Florida music scene with their 2006 self titled EP. With their latest release, “Resurrection Engine”, the band strives to do something more with their music. Moving away form the more commercial styling of their initial release, the band has drawn from its numerous obscure influences to create an intricate conceptual masterpiece that delves into oppressively dark alternative, inspiringly epic melodies, and crushing progressive metal riffs. These set the mood for the subversive and eccentric themes on reality, spiritualism, and the quests for knowledge and salvation that initially drew the band together. With the strong belief that any project is only worth the whole of it’s parts, Empyrean strives to tie their message together with a deep interweaving of symbology, both lyrically, and throughout the album and promotional art, as well as through the spectacle of their live show. “Resurrection Engine” explores the concept of a device that could in fact, force corporeal spiritual manifestation. In modern cultures death is viewed as an end to sentient life, but what if death was just the beginning? If man could unravel the mysteries of the world through communication with the deceased, aided and enhanced by technological advance, what would he find, and would we want to hear it? This “Resurrection Engine” would change the means by which we define life on earth, would provide the answer to questions as old as time itself, and could realize the final evolutionary stage of man.

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Adam DeLancett - Vocals, Mike DeLancett - Guitar, Ricardo Martinez - Bass
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Metal / Alternative / Progressive

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Orlando, FL