Gangrena gasosa is the first and only VOODOO metal band in the whole world. born At the earliest years of 90's in rio de janeiro, the band embodies an unique staging experience with metal / hardcore crossing afro-brazilian macumba chants.

The first LP “WELCOME TO TERREIRO” was released by Rock It! label in ‘93 and resulted in a tour all around the country.

Six years later, the second album “SMELLS LIKE A TENDA SPÍRITA” was released by Tamborete Records. Now the samples of Santeria chants were incorporated by the new percussive line-up. This album brought the 2001 European "EXPLICIT GROSSNESS" Tour. 28 shows in Germany and Austria.

“SE DEUS É 10 SATANÁS É 666” was recorded in rio at The EMEStudios with Tuta and Diogo Macedo producers, mixed and mastered by Rodrigo Duarte at DuBrou’ studio and comes with special guest performances of Elijan Rodrigues and Anjo Caldas ( Elba Ramalho and Catapulta percussionist ).

The album catches the percussive unholy curses from the deeper boiling brazilian ground. Here the ancient entities play their blasphemous spells directly from beyond to you!

Even before the release, in january 2011, the 3rd oficial gangrena gasosa record was a success on internet through myspace and youtube channels, where the “Eu não entendi Matrix” video reached over 135.000 views.

It’s almost 20 years dedicated to casting profanity.

Because God can even be 10, but 666 is SATAN!

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ZÉ PELINTRA - vocal / OMULÚ - vocal / EXU CAVEIRA - guitar / EXU MORCEGO - drums / EXU LUCIFER - bass / POMBA GIRA - percussion
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Metal / Saravá Metal / Voodoo Core

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Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR