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As the mist rolls through the mountains of Vancouver Island, a great thunder tears its way through the valley. It's not the crushing justice of Thor's hammer, it's the sound of local sludge masters Mendozza. A three piece whose piece whose roots cover aspects of many styles of music from the groove of 70's Black Sabbath to the brutal power of the Melvins.

The backbone and solid foundation of the band is the tattooed female drummer, Bina, who regularly delivers a good thrashing to the drums. Holding down this massive groove is no easy task, but bass player Judge's smooth style and relentless tone lays the foundation for huge live sound. Combine those aspects with singer / guitarist Deuce, who has a love of super driven guitars, big 70's guitar solos and nails in your throat vocals, you have Mendozza.

Over the last 6 years they have released 5 albums and tour twice a year throughout the USA. Playing with such bands as Bison BC, Soilent Green, 3 Inches of Blood, Hammers of Misfortune, Giant Squid and many others. They play high energy live shows and bring huge amounts of earth moving volume, what more could you want when seeing a band live?

In 2012 they've released a Self Titled heavy groove album that will take you “back to the 70’s when everyone was stoned and liked their music slow and evil.” It will make you drink beer and dance and is worthy of a record burning at the community church.

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Masterbeater, Deuce, The Judge
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Rock / Doom / Metal

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Vancouver Island, BC, CA

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