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24 Thorns, Tempe, Arizona’s premier heavy rock band was established on January 24th 2009 by Jeremiah Dewitt (aka Joker) and Justin Paup, who set out to create a new style of melodic heavy music with their new band. The name, 24 Thorns, is a hybrid of the two prior bands of Jeremiah and Justin, 24 Hours (Justin) and Twisted Thorn (Jeremiah).

24 Thorns set out with a dream; now we want to take it all the way to the top. We have devoted our lives to music, music production and living the lifestyle — not for fame or money, but for the love of the music, and the respect of our fans.
Jeremiah DeWitt (aka Joker), was interested in music and instruments from a very young age. His father and grandfather were both guitarists. Growing up, in Detroit ("Motown"), Michigan, surrounded by live music, Jeremiah started to show a love for singing and live performance. During his high school years, Jeremiah moved to Gilbert, Arizona, where that love turned into a dream to create his own style of music. Jeremiah's first project was for “Synthetic Fibers of the Unknown Kind” in 2003. Then, in 2004 he became the front man for Twisted Thorn. Twisted Thorn played with national artists, 36 Crazyfist, Devil Driver, and Venom, to name a few. This is when Jeremiah stepped into the professional side of the music recording industry, recording his first demo at Jimmy-Z Studios with master engineer, Aaron Carey, and mastering through Andrew Davenport. Now, as 24 Thorns’ front man, Jeremiah has stepped it up another level. Jeremiah created 24 Thorns in 2009 with its original line up. 24 Thorns has progressed from and 4-piece band, to a 5-piece band with the new additions to our current lineup.
Chuck Lohrengel got his musical start when his parents bought him a guitar when he was eleven. “I took lessons for a year, then I proceeded to teach myself how to play by learning every Metallica song I could both by ear and tab. Jump forward five years and a few bands in high school, I started jamming with Brandon Tutty (Lurid State), and he asked if I would try out for bassist for his project, Twisted Thorn. That’s where I met Joker, our singer. After a couple years with Twisted Thorn we both split off and started 24 Thorns, and the future looks bright for us all. I've adapted many different styles of play to the bass; most say I play it like a guitar, which gives us a unique sound everyone seems to enjoy.”
Storm Ulibarri entered the band in 2012 and added grinding riffs and punctual solos. Storm admits he was a bit of a late bloomer, as far as playing music goes. “I have been working with sound productions as long as I can remember, and before that I started out playing concert band stuff in high school, and then quickly moved on to guitars and wanting to play in a band.” Playing with Flagstaff-based Regicide introduced Storm to 24 Thorns, playing shows on the same bill. “Since joining 24 Thorns, it’s been the best experience, and I love the dynamic – the versatility and freedom I get from playing in this band.

Daniel Bunts has been playing guitar since the age of 2. His interest in music stemmed from the whole family being musically inclined. Influcence by Spanish and classic rock. At the age of 6 the spark for heavy metal was inspired by bands like Metallica, Megadeath and Ozzy. His first bands were high school bands and garage bands, nothing too seroius until 2009 he joined "Inner Chaos" with his cousin where they played direct support for bands such as Fear Factory, Staic X and Sacred Riech since 2010. Daniel joined 24 Thorns in June 2015 to play with his cousin Storm (lead Guitaris of 24 Thorns). Daniel brings aggressive, progressive technical melodic rhythms to add depth to 24 Thorns style

Brandon Wilson Started playing drums at the early age of 5 on pots and pans and broken arrows taped up for sticks and metal trash cans in my backyard growing up I got my first drum kit at the age of 16 when my dad bought it trying to help out a friend that needed help good money at the time he was a drummer named Kurt that taught my first 4 lessons from Milanos in Mesa on Main Street. and then started playing classic rock and blues in a bar called Black House Tavern for our sets on the weekend with my dad. throughout high school I started a couple bands one being poor which should for pocket full of rocks and tune out of my school I took a couple years of music theory at MCC boring! my dad and I started a band called digging deep and we were the house band at prices 3 every weekend jamming until my knuckles bled my dad would tell me don't stop no matter what just keep jamming I played my heart out at that place and will never forget it ha and 98 I got married in got a real job as a Service Manager and technician and along with kids had to put music on the back burner within that time in 2000 8 started a band called AK karma for which I sung and play drums. then n 2012 John to a band called cobalt fall . Last project I was in was experiment project call Jason society where I lost my mind studio of hell gore and madness. reality it was what I needed to see my way back to who I was and can be again now in 24 thorns in the future is unwritten
Notable Shows & Venues
24 Thorns has shared the stage with such illustrious bands as Sponge, Helmet, Adema, Smile Empty Soul, Digital Summer, Authority Zero, Faster Pussycat, Fuel, Gemini Syndrome, Prong, Soulfly, and Fear Factory, to name the headliners. Some of the venues we’ve played with these headliners are the Marquee Theater with Soulfly and Fear Factory; Sponge at 910 Live, Helmet at Club Red, Edema at Clubhouse, Smile Empty Soul at the Big Fish Pub/Joe's Grotto, Digital Summer at Club Red, Authority Zero/Faster Pussycat at Tuba City Western Navajo Fair, Fuel at the Skye Lounge, Gemini Syndrome at Big Fish Pub, Prong at the Martini Ranch (now called Wasted Grain).

We like to refer to our style of music as “Melodic Metal.” It's heavy, clean, h

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Joker - Vocals, Chuck - Bass, Storm - Guitar, Daniel Bunts - Guitar, Sik - Drums
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Metal / Alternative / Rock

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Tempe, AZ
Lara Whelan (706) 525-9566 24thorns@cox.net

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