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MR L-BO is an American rapper, songwriter, performer, military veteran, and entrepreneur. He began pursuing a career in the music industry, in 2010, when he used money he saved from his first deployment to start his independent company True Game Entertainment, LLC. Since then, MR L-BO has been releasing his music online for free on sites such as ReverbNation.com and SoundCloud.com. He has also performed in Europe, and in a few states locally including Florida and Virginia. His early musical influences include rappers like Jay-Z, Nas, Big Pun, and reggae artists like Buju Banton and Capleton.

The aspiring star was born in Beaufort, South Carolina. His mother, who is also a military veteran, is from Trinidad & Tobago. And his father, who he did not meet until his early 20’s, is from New Orleans. During his mother’s military career he was forced to move around quite often and live with close relatives. After she was medically discharged, MR L-BO was able to spend the rest of his childhood in Northern Virginia. His early exposure to different cultures is what most likely explains the versatility of his lyrics.

MR L-BO developed a passion for music at an early age. After unsuccessfully making the basketball team, he was enrolled in Concert Band, where he played first chair trombone. There his passion for music grew as he learned about music theory and was exposed to different genres such as classical and jazz. By the age of 14 he was writing lyrics and creating his own versions of songs that would come on the radio. He would mix clever wordplay with catchy punch lines to win over crowds of students, who would cheer in amazement while watching these rap battles that would occur almost every day at school. He quickly gained a reputation for his flawless lyrics and his ability to “freestyle” on the spot. As he grew older and technology advanced he was then able to record his earlier songs and upload them to the Internet for friends to hear. He eventually built a studio in the basement of his mother’s house where he continued to write, record, and study the art of rapping.

MR L-BO is currently working on his first album release while pursuing degrees in Music and Entertainment Business at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL He also is also planning to go on tour after the album is released, although, tour dates and locations have not been determined yet. He hopes the album will build his fan base and differentiate him as the music business professional he is. Since he began school, MR L-BO has been coordinating and attending showcases and other music related events in the city that support independent artists. He has also collaborated with many artists, producers, and studio engineers, in the area some of which are also students at Full Sail.

After the release, MR L-BO will immediately begin working on the next release and looking for ways to connect with his fans, expand True Game Entertainment’s roster, and build the company’s brand. For more information, visit www.truegameent.com.

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