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In late 2007, pandemonium unleashed itself from the grips of agonizing slumber to inflict retribution upon a world in decline, a land blatantly licking the ever so infected cunt of Blinded ones...To possess the minds and hearts of those who are in league with the forces of the abyss and to corrupt the self infected into demise.. We are the manifestation of the cleansing plagues, which hail abominations and unearthly monstrosities from the fires of the south... Extermination now walks among you all.. To reclaim the throne cast into shadows and chaos... The dark lord now summons the strong of mind to trample any and all opposition... In the name of all that is black and of the infernal realm... By the blessing of Satan... We bear the sentences of death, and the scars of scrutinizing sacrilege... All Hail the Left Hand Path Black Metal of Death!!!

Tenebra Dominus was formed in 2006 under the original
name'Orcus. Current line up is as follows:
Andromalius- The Black Chords, Abysmal Invocations, Blasphemous Death Blasts, producer/management
Plague- Bass

Former Members:
Melek Taus- Guitars (Live 07-10)

General Info

Band Members
Andromalius- Guitars, vocals, studio drums, producer/management
Artist Name
Tenebra Dominus
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Metal / Black Metal

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Harlingen, TX