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I'm Proud to be a fan of my fans because that's what its all about........ They fuel me and I fuel them.

Donald Ray Caldwell Jr. Born October 2,1984. After working to learn how to play a few key tools of the trade I set to work and have only progressed from talented instrumentalist to accomplished artist. In 1997 I began to gain momentum working with a few odd ball bands. Then I met a talented guitarist that turned my wondering from band to band to discovering my true talent. Vincent better known as Vinnie took me in and began giving lessons. As time went on skills grew and so did a personal relationship in my life. I married an old flame in 2007. The marriage was short lived only 6 months I found himself filing for Divorce (That's right I took on the big D) and in 2008 it was finalized. But not all bad came from it while married I found himself with a group of mixed friends some mine some hers and after discovering the talent of the small group a band was born. Signal Suicide this tho like my marriage was also short lived. That's where the real fun begins because Signal Of Siolence came about after Signal Suicide broke up. The small time band never made it out of the practice stages with vocalist Ryan bass Tiquito lead guitar/drums Vinnie guitar/keyboard me. The group went there separate ways as friends Ryan went on to work solo Tiquito quit the game all together Vinny and I stuck together with Vinny showing me more skills and teaching me to be a better guitarist and all around better performer. After a while Vinnie went on to create Sonic Ninja and entered a whole new sound and style. I began work on building a sound of my own and shortly after became known as Signal Of Siolence the band name keeps with it a memory of where I really began. Vinnie and I jammed out often and always supported each others work. In Nov 2012 a tragedy sparked a major change in my music because thats when Mateo Vincent Lorenzo passed away. Vinnie's passing struck home when I got the news and within days I brought out a noticeably different pace and sound with I'll Never Back Down spearheading my new line of songs. I have dedicated that song along with my album Rival Memories to Vinnie.
The best way to put into light just what I am capable of take this into thought. I am a father of three kids. Two of that three live with me. I manages taking care of them and my fans. Talk about dedication. I refuse to let the fact that I am a performer step in the way of my family. Backed by my friends and family I have built a strong foundation with my music. When fans join me its not long before he personally return the favor by becoming there fan. True words I am known to stand up for is "Its the fans that make the band not the group. Its on the group to give there all in return for the love and support fans give"
In 2013 I was hit yet again when a close personal friend was involved in a car accident that left her Hospitalized. Crystal better known as Moose still just a teen, has shown that even at the very darkest situations being you is more important. This girl has a place in my heart that is right there with my own kids. In seeing the picture sent by Crystals mom in a text emotions washed over the me. The picture was of Crystal outside for the very first time since the accident. Tears of joy waved free in seeing the young girl trapped in a hospital bed for months finally getting to feel the sun on her face. Smiling as she holds up her Reeses candy. The power this young girl has inside her has become the focus of my drive and inspiration.
Not unlike other artists I use the things in life that inspire me to be better. I do unlike other artists take a look at my fans, friends and family before myself. I want to make music for them not to line my pockets with cash I could really care less about the money because its the joy I hear about from them that one of my songs was there for them when they needed it.

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