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We are Angie and the Car Wrecks. We re-formed in October of 2012 with a goal to resurrect psychobilly in its fast, aggressive, dirty glory to this soggy corner of the Pacific Northwest. But in doing so we have added our own spin to it as well, with punk, metal, and thrash elements, that is not traditional but definitely interesting, intriguing, and above all things, fun.

Our current line up includes:
Dalenquent on guitar, mastering its sounds, and inventing his own as well; no shirt can contain him. Dale has a way of playing that is hungry and aggressive, adding as much metal to his blistering licks as he can.
On the upright bass, literally, most of the time, is Skwerll, AKA KC Mauk, raised by wolves and hater of shoes. Playing the bass, KC is fast and adept.
Dustin Beck on drums, dominating as a heavy, uncompromising force that only Sasquatch can bring, which is why we call him “Squatch”. He is a big part of our metal influence, definitely not shy with the double bass.
And on vocals and rhythm guitar is Angiebelle, the pretty bow that ties the crew together. Releasing sultry lyrics of serial killers and zombies with as much love and devotion as any drunken barfly could muster, she hides her love well with snarling, screaming vocals.

Angie and the Car Wrecks originally formed in 2007, their goal to be a rockabilly band. ¾ of the band had maybe a few week's worth of experience on the instruments they were using, and this could be attributed to the punk influence that was difficult to hide even then.

Their first two releases, the 2010 "Bender Bound" EP, and 2011's "Boozed and Bloody," have been well-received, landing them some prominent gigs all over the Northwest, and eventually leading to their signing with two independent labels, Texas-based Psycho-A-Go-Go Records, and Splatterhouse Wreckords in Tacoma, WA. Their album "Boozed and Bloody" has been reviewed by the popular Psychobilly weblog Subculture Collective, and by Traditional Rod & Kulture magazine.

Their newest releases through Splatterhouse Wreckords, "Half Grass" and the live split with Seattle rockabilly band Hard Money Saints, show the slow progress from amped-up rockabilly to more rocking and faster psychobilly. During the recording of “Half Grass” their current drummer left, and for a bit the band found themselves playing with just washboard as percussion. This did not last long, thankfully, and Squatch joined the band- this is why only half of the album has drum tracks, and also explains the title of the release. Directly following the release of “Half Grass”, the founding bassist left to focus on family life and was replaced by their current bassist Skwerl.
This brings the biography to current times. In December 2013, the band has released an EP “No Room in Helheim”, showcasing their new, fast, original sound. “Mountain metal”, maybe, or “Vikingbilly”. Whatever it will be called, it is definitely something to bear witness to. They could all be called Doctors Frankenstein, combining different musical elements into a whole new monster, beautiful and difficult to look away from.
Cheers to you, and thank you for reading!

email: angieandthecarwrecks@gmail.com
Snail contact:
1201 Dickinson Ave
Shelton, WA 98584

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Angie - rhythm guitar & vocals, Dale - vocals & lead guitar, Dustin - drums, KC - upright bass & vocals
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Angie and the Car Wrecks
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Punk / Psychobilly / metal

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Seattle, WA

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