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New solo project in the works now, songs that have been worked on for over a year are now being mastered, coming to life and currently being released the end of December 2012 through January 15th 2013. WITH FREE DOWNLOADS TO ALL MY FANS AS A THANKYOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT....finally, after a two year hiatus, eddie is back in the saddle with the new solo album project titled Entity. Stay tuned for more free upcoming releases.

Rock n Roll Baby, Rock n Roll. With an occasional blend of calming, soothing, tranquil, hypnotic instrumentals

Self tought, multi instrumentally talented. My father was a sergeant in the US Marine Corps Band, Then came me in 1965, when my father became an extremly well loved and respected public school band teacher. So ive been around music as a constant and its in the blood so to say. I always had access to an unlimited amount of different instruments of all types. I dont just love music, but i breath it, it is my soul, it soothes my soul, it is deeply embedded within me. Music is the energy within myself, my deepest inner parts of my soul, that i absolutely could not live without. exploration and experimentation is a norm, there really isnt any instrument that I have found that i cant play, because i have a tonal ear, an in pitch tonal ear memory, although some brass is hard for me to play due to the mouth piece, but woodwinds again come easy, as when i was a child, i played saxophone, while learning piano and other percussions and strings. Also I am a very emotional and empathetic person within me, a patriot, for human, enviromental, and constitutional rights, as some of my future work will show.

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This is for my solo project, just me, all me, even the engineering in my home studio
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Pueblo, CO
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