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So, we are the b.a.s.i.c. band. Been around for about 10 years. The core is, b.a.s.i.c.ally, 2-3 of us. And, the 2 of us been playing together for over 20. I am Tracy Glenn; I sing, do backup, some writing and do the video work (music for the eyes) and help mix. Used to play guitar. And, Sam Glenn does the guitar work, and on a lot of the recording, he does bass and other instruments. We also enjoy having lots of other musician friends sit in on different songs, but for the most part are looking for a permanent drummer and bass player and keys, etc. like we once had. Whoever comes our way and wants to work hard and be a family. I had been very ill and wasn’t expected to live so, doing music again is an privilege. Something we can’t not do. For fun and for soul work. For us, writing originals is where it’s at. I don’t mind covers at all and we have a few up and working on some more for gigs, but most of our songs tell our life stories…and that’s how they come out. Cuz we’re pretty sure a lot of you have similar stories in the songs of your life! Singing is my place, my escape, where I have no health problems and feel free to reveal my soul! Oh! And, the name? Well, after my life-saving surgery and I started singing and getting back into life, I thought I so needed to get back to the basics. Start over. Come up for a new name for our band. Something basic. I used to work at the Space Center so I was big on acronyms. I came up with an acronym for basic. Brothers and sisters in Christ. Because we are all brothers and sisters and want to live it, not just word it. Something to share in music without pounding it with just words. Letting God be God. We love all styles of music and a lot of the blues and classic rock, but also jazz and soul and funk and latin and country and anything really. I do tend to put a touch of blues in all the songs. Love a combo of them! LIke Blazz and Juze! If you love latin, try Power Of His Love. If you love Jazz, try Abide. Went Lookin' is full out gospel jam. Try any of them, b.a.s.i.c.ally! Our daughter also sings and has been since before she could talk. We love humor, we love music. I incorporate both in my stories and artwork at my blog. We have a website at www.basicband.biz and are currently working on our 3rd album. Stop by. All our sales go back into our work to get CD's out and to help others. And, if you are interested in a band to play in or need people like us, holler. Much obliged, Tracy

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Tracy Glenn - Vocals/Video production, Sam Glenn - Lead Guitar, Vocals/backup - Guitar
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the b.a.s.i.c. band
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Blues / Christian / Classic Rock

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Cocoa, FL

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