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A mere two months in the making, Into Nostalgia captures seven-year veterans The Honored Guests in a moment of return, reflection, and redemption. Born from frontman Russell Baggett’s bedroom demos, the band’s latest effort is a departure from the quartet’s usual gang-style creative process. What began as Baggett's escape from the upcoming third album, Please Try Again - a record three years in the making - quickly gained the support and focus of the full band. The resulting EP shows The Honored Guests in a sparser, more delicate light, creating rainy day indie-pop in the vein of Doves, Neil Young, and Pavement.

Into Nostalgia is the next chapter for a band that is constantly evolving. In marked contrast to Into Nostalgia’s slow burning, the band’s 2006 full-length Tastes Change was charged with "spackled, sparkling pop" (Grayson Currin, The Independent Weekly) and "thick, drippy melodies" (Flagpole Magazine). Before that, their 2004 debut album Iawokeinacityasleep saw the band – playing together since Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins ruled the airwaves – foray into "dreamy acoustic melancholy" (Raleigh Hatchet).

Ultimately, the band’s origins trace back to a basement in Fayetteville, NC, where middle-schooler Jeremy (bass) taught Baggett how to play guitar. At college in Chapel Hill, Baggett and Buenviaje met Andrew Kinghorn (drums) and formed Milo, and released their second album with Kinghorn’s recording mentor and founding member of Ben Folds Five Robert Sledge helming production. After graduation the band scattered, finding jobs and wives or losing themselves in Europe. Baggett would call Kinghorn in Spain, playing guitar riffs from a payphone in France. After returning to the States, they recruited Buenviaje and later Patrick O'Neil (keys), and The Honored Guests was born.

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Russell Baggett, Jeremy Buenviaje, Andrew Kinghorn, Patrick O'Neill, Elysse Thebner
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The Honored Guests
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Chapel Hill, NC