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Counted Shadows was founded in 2007 by guitarist Christopher LeBlanc in his small apartment in Woburn MA. After years of being musically repressed by any number of outside influences, it was time to get back behind the rig and show the doubters what he could do. Chris worked on some concept material but to move further, he needed a collaborator to write lyrics.

September of 2007, Brian Michael Jones, formerly of Bitter Season and Natural Aggression, was referred to Chris for the vocalist/lyricist spot in Counted Shadows. Brian's melodic and counter measure vocals quickly led to some dramatic changes to existing material. His vocal strengths lie in cunning lyrics and a sharp emphasis on setting the mood of each song. "As soon as I heard Lost for the first time, I knew I wanted to be a part of this band," Brian says. "There was something compelling about the music. I sat down and wrote the lyrics for Lost in about 20 minutes."

After a year, and with the demo almost done, it was time to consider live performance, and for that they needed to complete the line-up. The band added a key piece with the addition of Drew Valenti on drums, who had been referred to the band through Chris's co-worker. They played a few songs all together as a 3-piece for the first time at a party at Drew's.

The band posted an ad for a guitarist and bass-player, and Jesse Cohen dropped a line expressing his interest in playing guitar. Jesse took the initiative and learned Hostile on his own, then recorded an acoustic version of the song, all within 24 hours of first contact with the band. Within 2 practices, it was evident that Jesse would add another dimension to the music, and he was asked to join.

Jesse's wife, never having touched a bass before, asked give it a shot. She ran with it and she's still here with us. Stacy Cohen, who has been a musician since high school, only recently picking up the bass but picked it up well and saved our asses by making our first few gigs possible.

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Chris LeBlanc - Lead Guitar / Brian Jones - Vocals / Jesse Cohen - Rythm Guitar & Keys / Stacy Cohen - Bass / Drew Valenti - Drums
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Counted Shadows
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Metal / Thrash / Heavy Rock

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Woburn, MA
Christopher LeBlanc