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Please friends check my daughter Sabrina de Freitas music also, she is amazing.Thank you
My Friends, my name is Rui de Freitas and i love music, The Silence is my project. I was born in the very beautiful island of Madeira in Portugal. I don’t know what music is. I can't sincerely label music as this or that. From silence the music as flow...then it is silence again. I say music is silence...
What i mean by the silence it’s the original, the primordial source, even before the universe was, before anything was that "silence" was and still is. It’s the Unborn the origin of everything before any concepts or perceptions I Am. That’s the root the source before anything could be. The Nirvana, God, the Unknowable. Be in The Silence

Thank you my friends listen to The Silence

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Rui de Freitas
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The Silence
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London, ENGLA, UK
Rui de Freitas