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I’m standing with the dopest nigga I’ve heard all year , nigga and it’s July! – Big Boi (of Outkast) (video of Big Boi cosigning Fuze the Mc)

That’s what an atlanta veteren said about the artist Fuze the MC in 2010. Fuze has catapulted through the industry making waves ever since. Born in Smyrna , GA on March 2nd 1991 born Lance Carlton Deandre Coleman King (the King was later removed in a custody battle between his separated and warring parents). As a child he was extremely active in an eclectic list of activities most of which he excelled at such as baseball, boyscouts (achieving the star ranking) , basketball (playing for Campbell High School [fun fact both Fuze the mc and 2 Chainz played for the same basketball coach "Coach Gwyn") , computer programming , and much more.

While originally pursing computer programing aimed to be a software developer , Fuze the Mc eventually found his passion through his poetry and eventually music. It wasn't until a chance meeting with XXL freshman rapper Blu , known mostly for his underground classic Below The Heavens, where Blu cosigned Fuze the MC and later gave him a beat that ended up on the project Tell Me Something Good with a song called "Something Good". (video of Fuze rapping for Blu)

From that moment Fuze the MC knew that he was meant to pursue music , but he never lost his computer savvy edge, which would later come in handy when he met Bryan Calhoun (then the VP of SoundExchange , previous C.O.O of G.O.O.D Music and currently head of Digital Strategy at the Blueprint Group [HipHopSince1978 x Bryant Management] ). He approached Bryan Calhoun and attempted to push his music further , but was turned down Bryan told him he no longer worked in the A&R arena of music. Ever persistent, Fuze convinced Bryan to eventually take the CD. Bryan was impressed , not only by the music , but by the graphic design skills used for the cd casing and accompanying website. From there Fuze worked at Sound Exchange and currently is a Digital Strategist for The Blueprint Group manages digital properties for all the clients including heavy-weight artists such as Lil Wayne , T.I , Nicki Miaj, and Hit-Boy. (Hit-Boy’s website developed by Fuze the MC) . He has also done digital work for other artists such as Common , Drake , and School Boy Q. In addition he’s worked at Listen Vision Recording Studios as an intern , and served as the Recording Academy’s Grammy U representative for Howard University in 2010.

As an artist Fuze the Mc has opened for Kendrick Lamar (video of Fuze opening for Kendrick Lamar) , Wale, J.Cole, Dom Kennedy ,and more . He was named MTV’s The Freshman, was named 2012 HBCU artist of the year, and is currently verified on both twitter (@fuzethemc) and myspace.

O yea he’s also a full time student at the #1 HBCU in the world, Howard University as a Radio , Tv , Film Major.

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