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I started writing Music upon the age of 10, Played the guitar mostly wrote all kinds of songs, By 1999 I was ready to start looking at making music more than just a Hobie. I got my first computer in 2001 and new this was the way to go for producing, More practical as you could play various instruments and I had enough of low quality recordings; as this was get us nowhere fast.
I went to college and supported my family (2002-2004), and worked on music when I could.
In 2005 I found myself down in the Minneapolis/Twin Cities and able to work with students attending I.P.R. (Institute of Production and Recording) and Recorded there as well as a few local Professional Studio's, Which opened my eyes to Industry grade studio's and equipment. I met and worked on music with various individuals while I took vacation from my problems. Like I've always said "Everything happens for a reason & everything and everyone influences something" I knew what I now needed for starting up my own professional Studio and was shown how to run Pro-tools systems and record and engineer.
I Got my Studio ordered & Running In 2006, worked on producing with Reason witch brought my abilities to a whole other level! In 2007 I Found more artists' and talent to work with and was injured on the job; (left with constant sever Chronic Pain and permanent Disc & Nerve Damage) which in turn brought me Right back to Music again, as a way to release!

We've been on the grind since 2008 working on various albums and projects, but ran into many problems along the way (Including Artists not purchasing leases or Following leases contract guidelines and copy right laws as well as performing commercial shows without owning rights to music and not purchasing lease or getting permission to perform, so they we're let go but still continue with the same old antics; which only further hurts the music industry) but have kept on the move and remained on the path to success...
Anytime Studio's was formed and opened in 2010 as our "Commercial" Studio and TLR is The Production and "street"/underground side. We Are working on a few things to better the music industry including websites which should be up and running in 2014.
We have a lot of material but have not released most of it as "Everyone is getting Played NOT PAYED" which is one of our slogans for our website being designed and built currently to help bring back the music industry an get rid of these sites that collect money and give the artist and labels pennies while they pocket Multimillions yearly!
Our current CD always available:
TLR presents : Tha Nasty North volume1 - H.G.H. "Home Grown Hits"
New Music is being recorded and New albums are in the process of being compiled and or mastered for release! next album is scheduled for release late 2013!

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Inceptive, De-cipher, 4D, KP, MiD-Wes, AD, Reg, Mac, Dolla, (Lil)She & more to come
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Hip Hop / Rap/indie / Alternative/Other

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Duluth, MN
AnyTime Studio's

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