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Munich Syndrome: An electronic pop band. The origins and roots of Munich Syndrome reach back to the electronic new wave of the late 70's and early 80's. Influenced and intrigued by electro, new wave, dance, techno, industrial and most importantly, pop, the next step was to transcend listening and create.

Analog synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, samplers and vocoders make up the audio arsenal.
First came a drum machine and an analog synth. Stark mechanical soundscapes evolved into fuller compositions: electronic pop songs.

Munich Syndrome's first release was the down-tempo, ambient jazz-tinged Sensual Ambience. Atmospheric washes over trip-hop beats with sax and piano leads, the album featured the songs, To Whom It May Concern, Quiet Atmosphere, Lost in You and the 18-minute title track , Sensual Ambience (Paris Movie).

As the sessions were nearing completion new compositions evolved in a more straightforward electronic style that became the Electro EP ,that was included with Sensual Ambience.

More aggressive and introducing and placing the vocoder more front and center, this style led to our second full length release Electro Pop. Three of the songs from the Electro EP were remixed and extended on the new disc, Modern Age, Come Out and Play and Murderous. Also featured on the album were the singles Dance (Ah Eee Ya Ya Ya Ya) and Love & Dancing, an homage to favorite bands and songs from the early 80's.

The current release, Electronic Ecstasy picks up where Electro Pop left off: the dance floor. The title track hints at what might have been had Giorgio Moroder and Kraftwerk collaborated. Exploring love lost, unrequited and found, many of the songs on Electronic Ecstasy are the most romantic yet from Munich Syndrome. The album features Anywhere (But Here), 2 Whom, Endings and features three extended mixes and a bonus track. All three albums are mixed in HDCD audio on compact disc and are available now!

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David Roundsley
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Munich Syndrome
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