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Sane CHUK / Bio

Sane CHUK Bio:

Christian Hip Hop Rapper.

Preacher of the Gospel of Christ. Sane CHUK's life revolved around music. He Sang in a choir from Birth until College. After College he launched his music career. He is a true student of the art of Hip Hop and Rap. His trademark is pushing at the possibilities of creativity.

Sane Chuk would best be described as an avid student of Hip Hop. He cut his teeth on the golden era of hip hop. He was heavily influenced by the legendary rappers of the late Eighties, they left an indelible print on him that would eventually become part of his style. Some of the heaviest influence comes from artists L.L. Cool J and Rakim. Sane CHUK is dedicated to increasing his rap skill and gleans a little from every M.C.he hears. He is committed to Breaking down the Limits of Hip Hop and pushing the envelope of what can be accomplished through the human voice and words. “So much has been accomplished in the past 20 years in Hip Hop; It’s not good enough anymore just to rhyme, now you sound corny if you have single rhymes; it’s nothing for kat’s to drop double and triple rhymes in each bar!”
Sane CHUK Seeks to bring music back to hip hop; not just the beat, but the voice. “Rap Has become music-less,” he says “It wasn’t always that way.” When you listen to Sane CHUK, you can expect to find a wide diversity of style and delivery. He sees rap and “M.C.’n” as a big tool belt where you can display your various skills from song to song, rather than just settling into one expression.

Sane CHUK was born in Mansfield, Ohio, and moved to Pittsfield, Massachusetts as a youth. He works and resides there at the present.

Sane CHUK’s own words:

My dad is a Pastor. He’s been pastoring at the same church for 31 years. Actually that is the first pastoral-ship that he took on. At one point he was pastoring 3 churches at once. His health is now deteriorating and he’s slowing down. It looks like most likely he will die or retire at that very pastoral-ship where he first started. I gave my life to the Lord at 8 years old and was baptized that summer. It wasn’t until I was 16 years old that I started reading the bible at the advice of my mother. I started in the proverbs as she told me to and read every night before I went to bed at least a chapter of the bible. I did that for about a year and then I added mornings at least a chapter. I did that for 3 years and I added Middle of the day little prayer or bible, whatever I could fit. That is the same model I follow today, only I use my midday time to outreach and post scriptures to Social Networking Sites.

I grew up in the breakdancing era and the Michael Jackson Explosion. I remember when his hair caught on fire on TV. Hip Hop and Rap were a new phenomenon on the heels of all that . Breakdancing culture was widely accepted even in churches back then as a cool new Thing. It was my families involvement with breakdancing that opened the doors for me to get my first exposures to rap music. My Older sisters would play it on the radio from our High School Radio station 89.7 WTBR (Taconic Braves Radio; still in existence today; http://www.wtbrfm.com/)
We would tape songs off of the radio on these old caveman things called cassette tapes ( lol ) and we would just listen to as much rap as we could. I remember the Beasty boys, The Fat Boys, and Everybody Knew Run DMC, from those times. As I grew a little older I finally got my hands on my very own rap music: Rob Base; Joy and Pain and L.L. Cool J; Walking With a Panther. Around then I had a Walkman, and I would play those tapes as long as I had batteries and could listen. I knew all of the 18 songs on the LL cool J album by heart from start to finish and could sing them without having the Walkman with me. He was my heaviest rap influence by far. My first “Flip”/Rap song was his song “I’m Bad”.

How I specifically got started in music was I was in my Fourth year of college after transferring schools and I saw a flyer advertising a talent show “MasterCard Acts”. So I signed up to do the Human Beat box. I won the competition at the college and went on to the National Semi-Finals. From there I started my professional Career Working at an Architecture office in my city. From the promotional agent from the talent show I did may local gigs and TV and Radio spots doing the Human Beatbox. I later came up with the idea to do a song and remake the beat using the Human Beat box. I had no equipment so I took two radio/boom boxes. On one I listened to the song “I’m Bad” by L.L. Cool J. on the other I recorded just the Beat Box that I did to it. After recording the Beat Box I then Played the Beat Box Back and Recorded my self spitting to it on the other boom box. It was a success I went and performed it at my college for my Christian Group and made a connection with a DJ. From there I went and scoped out a 4 track recorder at the local music store and put it on lay away. I put out a 6 track demo and put it in the hands of the Cross Movement. John Wells loved it, though a relationship never materialized. After that I wound up recording a 17 track album entitled “The BEGINNING” by Sane CHUK Christianwits released April 2000 on Cassette tape.

The rest is history. I met my wife a month later and took the subsequent 11 years and raised my family. Now I’m back and fresher than ever with a highly anticipated Mixtape release due May 21st, 2012.

How I got my name was by the music content I chose. I loved Weird Al Yankovic growing up. He was known for taking famous songs and doing parodies of them. I was also good at that, I thought it would be cool to do that for Christ. So that is what I did. Took famous Rap songs and turned them around for Christ. So my Artist name is actually a parody of Weird Al Yankovic’s Name: Sane CHUK Christianwits. Though Now I have aptly dropped the “Christianwits”.

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Chuk Pratt, Everything (Production, All Vocals, All lyrics etc, Solo Band)
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Hip Hop / Christian Hip Hop / Gospel Rap, Holy Hip Hop, Gospel, CCM

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Albany, NY
Chuk Pratt

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