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The moon is crimson and the summer breeze turns cold as dark forces threaten to destroy the universe. Dark forces such as "Dickelback", "The Blownuts Brothers", and many more... What can be done to stop them? We've got to call on the undisputed champions of sonic justice, Dance Fight!! This vigilante force of rock deities are highly skilled specialists, auditory warriors if you will, who bravely and tirelessly battle the insidious torrent of ear-corrupting sound that permeates our world. Commercialized music beware of the shredding Keytar solos of The Dark Shasha Man, Olde Ben's bass wave disruptor beam, and the alien rhythmic palaver of Drumantis. This is our chance to take back the airwaves! No other alliance has proved so powerfully potent in the war to free the ears of the enslaved from the suffocating corporate choke-hold of "The Industry". Join the movement. Witness the legend. Dance Fight!

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The Dark Sha Sha, Olde Ben, Drumantis
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Dance Fight
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Rock / Psychedelic / Electronic

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Brooklyn, NY