In 1983, Michael Jackson’s famous "Thriller" took the world by storm while simultaneously a new thriller to the world was being born. Tracy "Alsace Carcione" Thomas was first introduced to the world on November 3, 1983 in Portsmouth, VA. Born into a music loving and talented family, music has always been a part of her life. While still at a young age she was introduced to different genres of music from gospel, R&B, blues, hip hop, jazz and a plethora of others. She soon discovered that music was not only a way of life but a wonderful way of self expression.
Upon relocating from her hometown of Virginia to Texas she took her musical genius to another level by beginning the journey to create her first project released in 2007 which was called "The Adopted Chyl of the South" released on Illicit Life Entertainment. It taught the femcee many things about creating and rediscovering her talent. With such hits as ''I'ma hustla" "Azz'' and "I miss u" dedicated to her deceased best friend, she was well on her way to becoming one of the great femcees of her time. She has been compared to MC Lyte, BO$$, Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott, Lauryn Hill and Queen Latifah and still remains humble stating "she has a long way to go to fill the shoes of such legends and icons of female hip hop". She has opened up for multiple artists including Big Daddy Kane, Pharaohe Monch, Brand Nubian, Special ED, Bodega Brovas, Tanya Morgan, Koncept of the Brown Bag Allstars, Playdough, Trae the truth, Lil Keke and Devin the Dude. Alsace Carcione has also performed for one of the originators of hip hop, Chief Rocker Busy Bee where she received her first lesson in showmanship and to always be prepared. Never to be deterred, she has ignored the sounds of doubters stating that she will never make it in the music industry due to her sexuality, her gender, or just plain abhorrence. She chooses to let her talent and hard lyricism speak for itself.
Known for her crazy adlibs, witty intellect, and inspirational word play on the microphone the femcee continues to elevate to higher plateaus. A verbal scientist and toxic lyricist has been created and the world is being exposed to what will soon be one of the greatest phenomenon’s to happen to the culture of hip hop.
In December 2009 she released the highly anticipated mixtape "The Appetizer Before The Meal: B.A.M.F." which proved to be one of the best mixtapes released and one that would spark a monumental fire to truly seek what belonged to her....a place in the books of real and true hip hop. With outstanding tracks “Time Travel”, On My Grind”, “Fun Song”, “Ne Plus Ultra”, “Fairytales", "G5G', "Cliche", "Sandwich Bags', "Highly Unlikely", and a slew of others she has now been critically acclaimed as one of the illest up and coming femcees of the game today. Alsace Carcione took on the epithet Venomous Phenom striving every day to live and practice the powerful words she speaks and relays on stage and thru the airwaves. Ms. Carcione is a breathe to fresh air to female hip hop that glorfies the exploitation of sex in females, and the downgraded way men look upon women. She is a no nonsense type of artist and is bringing back the art form and the artistry that made her fall in love with not just hip hop but music in its entirety.
She’s worked with many producers and artists and strives to bless their tracks as it is the ultimate blessing to be featured or perform on someone else’s masterpiece. She continues to grind and work hard because patience is a virtue and great things come to those who wait. With plenty of drive, ambition and talent to last a lifetime and she intends on using her God given talent to the greatest of her ability.
Gearing up for her new release “Embryonic Paradigms” scheduled to drop in August 2012 the female emcee is breaking down barriers, blasting through walls of doubt, surpassing her peers, all the while continuing to reinvent herself and the sound of hip hop, neo soul and music. She embraces the challenges and is ready for what is for sure HER TIME.

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