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Jackn Bones / Bio

All the music and music techniques on this profile are free because all MY favorite music and music techniques came to me for free and I felt that I had to give something back for that! It's not that I don't want to sell my music, I do, I just don't want to fund arms deals like E.M.I. do or provide profit to the wrong people for the wrong reasons!
I Recently quit 'The Syndicate' (rap band) to work on my own solo music projects..
I always found that the music sounded better when I had FULL CONTROL of all the sound, singing, instruments, production etc and that is because I HAVE GOOD IDEAS for music which I am happy to teach and I think the free music on this reverbnation profile proves that I have vision for music and that I have good ideas for music and deserve full creative control.
In the early days I was inspired by my father, who used to play me guitar when i was a child and when I was a teenager.
I started out creating computer music when I was twelve before I ever picked up a musical instrument, my first instrument was Piano/Keyboards, I started playing some classical stuff on the piano when I was around thirteen but I didn't pick up a guitar until I was about 18/19 years old.
Nowadays I can play over 16 different instruments, including; Didgereedoo, Bass, Recorder, Tin whistle, Violin, Harmonica, Triangle, Piano, Guitar and Drums...
I would very much like to secure an opportunity as a music teacher and
I feel that teaching music is one of my true callings and I am certain that there are many bands, artists and young people who could benefit from my musical knowledge and experience, for instance, there must be enough people who would like to learn how to make a particularly phat, swingy break-beat and I am happy to teach.
There must be many people who would love to be able to create their own tricky classical style guitar pieces or to be able to play Jimmy Hendrix style guitar, once again, I am happy to teach. The reason I want to be a music teacher is to inspire people and improve the quality of music in general as I believe there are too many artists and bands in the music industry trying to sound like someone else or manufacturing pop music to make money and this really spoils the fun of EXPERIMENTING with music to see what new, interesting and original sounds one can create.
It's all about MIXING the best elements of one genre with the best elements of another, for instance classical music is unrivalled in it's melody but doesn't usually have much of a beat to dance to so we take the beautiful choral/classical melody and sing it along to a phat swingy breakbeat as can be heard in the The Sunfire Song before the screaming soul vocal comes in or in The Man Made Of Wind in the background halfway through the first and second verses and again at the end of the track after the double speed drum and bass kick,
My 'sounds like's' do not adequately cover my many influences, so i'll list a few more, Ludevico Einaudi along with a whole host of other classical piano music influenced my piano playing which you have not yet heard but will soon, Prodigy for good taste in phat drum sounds and bass sounds is another element in the mix, Jimmi Hendrix for guitar distortion sounds and chord stuctures go into the genre mix, the enchanting chanting of John Lennon and some of that asian and native american Indian music inspires me so i used that and added an extra genre to it again by layering the vocal to make it choral so it sounds bigger and has more impact with up to 32 versions of myself singing the same thing at the same time in some cases. you can find it in The Highlight Of My Day with one voice alone, or in The Sunfire Song with about 20 versions of myself singing the same thing at the same time, and you can also find it Stolen Land with about 32 voices! Other elements in the mix are reggae and jazz swing rythms for the electronic beats, for the basslines and sometimes guitar also (such as in Sexy Sally).
I learned to create my own drum loops using single hit drum samples taken from drum loops I liked such as the drum loop from 'Fools Gold' by The Stone Roses which I spliced from the full length version for the drum beat in 'Feel The Music'.
By 2003/2004 I had become fairly proficient at guitar, creating my first folk/classical style stuff, namely my own version of 'She Moved Through The Fair' and the swingy folky style guitar parts that eventually became 'Stolen Land' (which was not recorded properly until 2009/2010), in fact some of these musical projects, such as 'Dont Look Down' I had been toying with for as long as ten years, with earlier versions created in collaboration with 'Arry Dirt (a.k.a. M.C. Hazzard of).
During the course of the last ten years I have learned to play many OTHER instruments which now all go into the mix, i've never been a DUB or sample taking kind of artist and need to emphasize that ALL my work is created from scratch using carefully constructed drum beats and real instruments, I made a point to try and mix together my favourite elements from electronic music, (such as Prodigy style phat breakbeats and bass) with my favourite elements from acoustic music such as the beautiful melodies found in some of Ennio Moriconne's or Enya's music or the electrifying guitar riffs of Jimmy Hendrix combined with the Abrasive vocal style of James Brown combined with the heavy drum sound of 'Prodigy' for 'Sexy Sally', the experimental elements to The Beatles, a little bit of Tom Waits for the vocal in 'Wikker Wall' combined with the heavy guitar sound of a heavy metal or punk band such as Nirvana or The Clash.

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