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Michael Child, who just released his EP The Tension mid-April, finds his inspiration in relationships. Both the good and the bad. Michael doesn’t shy away from writing about the difficult balance that relationships can be. Is his writing process cathartic? Maybe. Does it make for great music? Definitely.

Like Michael’s writing, tension comes from an honest place that anyone can identify with. In the song The Night, he paints a picture of his depth by pleading, “Stay with me ‘til the night gets old, and my face gets tired from the smiles you stole”. That’s right, Edward Cullen, step aside.

This 22-year-old singer-songwriter’s skillfully crafted lyrics are combined with a pop-rock feel and refreshing guitar solos. And this catchy music simply oozes universal themes. Michael strives to connect with people through his music, on an emotional and auditory level. Who doesn’t need to have someone vocalize what they’re thinking once in a while? “Courage, I need you now. Courage, don’t let me down. Courage, show me the fire of your ways. Come on, Courage, I need you now.”

Though thematically, the EP explores struggle, Michael had an easy go of the recording process. He says: “I didn’t really have a time table, so I was really able to get everything the way I wanted it.” Working at The Bakery Recording Studio in Colorado Springs certainly didn’t hurt either, giving him resources to carefully craft each of the songs in this collection.

Taking cues from artists such as John Mayer, David Gray, and Jon Foreman, Michael Child, has put his heart on the line in this EP. He has opened himself to the good and to the bad. The result is the vulnerable and infectious collection of songs in The Tension.

(bio by Renee Nyen)

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Chris Howe - Guitar // Madison Child - Bass // Weston Orf - Drums
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Michael Child
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Alternative / Indie Pop

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Colorado Springs, CO
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