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Show a little love for the hometown boys, as he sings on his upcoming release; Brent James knew what he wanted from an early age. He began singing with his mother in the front seat of their car and around the house while his father worked as an autoworker in Saginaw Michigan. James had a pretty good grasp on where he came from, always embracing his blue-collar roots. He began writing songs at the age of 9 while mowing lawns and doing chores for family all while telling his parents he would “move to NYC and become a singer one day.”

After fronting a couple bands and getting some touring under his belt, Brent knew it was time to make a leap. He packed up his bags and made the move to New York City. He began concentrating on song writing and honing his front man skills drawing on influences from Joe Cocker, Springsteen. Dylan & Mellencamp amongst many others. James: “There was never any shortage of amazing music playing around my house growing up. My parents had unbelievable taste. They introduced me to all the greats. I remember it totally making my head spin around”. Picture Bob Seger getting into a fist fight with the Beach Boys and that’s my son. He can go gritty or pretty….” says Brent’s dad Robert.

In 2009 a few of Brent’s raw acoustic demo’s that he made on his computer fell into the hands of Grammy Award Winning Producer Skidd Mills. Brent and Skidd hit it off immediately and began recording his debut full length at the Sound Kitchen in Nashville Tennessee. “We moved so fast and it felt so easy it was a no brainer for me. You just know when you connect with someone musically and this was a live wire,” says James. With the record almost in the can and the band sounding better than ever, the sky is no limit for Brent James. Look for an early 2010 release from the singer and tour to begin soon. I hear a train a comin….

“Wow! You got it!” -CBS Early Show anchor Maggie Rodriguez’ reaction after Brent’s 2008 Performance on the program

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Brent James - Vocals, Ricky Veeneman - Guitar, Matt Gandenberger - Bass, Nick Baverman - Drums
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Brent James & The Vintage Youth
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