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Ahmad Al-Khalidi, also known by his stage name “MC Puck”, is a Jordanian rapper and producer who was born in Kuwait in 1987.

In late 2000, Ahmad Al-Khalidi “MC Puck” started writing lyrics and MCing, and his first live show was at the same year in a private party. In the same year, Ahmad Al-Khalidi “MC Puck” formed a Hip Hop band called “Abaddons” along with his cousin Abdullah Al-Khalidi.

The band continued working, and in 2004 they joined Shabeeb Festival for Local Talents and won the first place.

After the huge success the band has done, Ahmad Al-Khalidi “MC Puck” started taking piano lessons and learning how to compose music in 2005, and at the same year, the band joined Shabeeb Festival again and also won the first place.

In 2007, Ahmad Al-Khalidi “MC Puck” worked on a project called “Sharq Music” which aims to gather the best Hip Hop acts in Jordan under one name, and it was a huge success. Sadly, in 2007, Abaddons split up, in the same year Sharq Music split up too.

In summer 2008, the best rappers from around Jordan has all gathered to create 962 Street, and Ahmad Al-Khalidi “MC Puck” was a part of that crew, and that year’s summer was great for live shows, they had many live shows, such as Amman Summer Festival, and Souq Jara. They continued working and going live, as in the year 2009 they went live twice in Al-Balad Theatre along with Yazan Al Rousan and Gries from Switzerland.

In middle 2009, Ahmad Al-Khalidi “MC Puck” quit 962 Street and is working solo now.

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MC Puck
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