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Krotchripper is the epoch of mastering the arts of troll grind. After injeckting 40ml of Krokodil, it was realized, that in actuality, they had really just snored upon the sheepish hordes of non-believers.

After flattulating upon the quad shitties, the Putridrool was required to ascertain a double triple double whooper; it was reacquired after much carnage while obliterating the first window. After procuring sexual liberties from iMcGarbagecan and stumbling onto a construction site, he became stuck in a trollapotty. here was no other choice but to trade Krokodil for hunted hiphopopotamous.

After being excommunicated from Makanda, the Pretztroll drifted towards the wafting scent, as it had wavering south for days. Fueled by the pretzlelust, and Lucy the Fine, tragedy, travesty, and transvestites ensued. Welcome to the jowels club.

Upon encountering the bottom of the metal cabinet, the Pretztroll realized that it was not a cabinet at all and it was metal and stuff. It called itself Barbaritron. Pretztroll had no choice but to obey and swear to serve the Metrollgnome.

Hence forth Metrollgnome: our savior pummeled some wenches (he came) and Putridrool, Barbaritron, & Pretztroll were known as Krotchripper. Krotchripper, king of troll grind, slap it's dick upon many a table. Flying higher than high, just having big fun, they kept on having big fun.

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Metrollgnome, Barbaritron, Putridrool, & Pretztroll
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Metal / Heavy Metal / Brutal Death Troll Grind

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Rock Island, IL
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