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Pete Herzog started playing at the age of 8 on a lap steel. He learned the slide and playing using all the harmonics and overtones he could wring out of an instrument. During the folk revival he switched to a regular guitar and eventually was drawn to playing bottleneck in various open tunings. Pete discovered blues , bluegrass, and other roots type music. When he first heard the blues he was instantly taken with the style.

Pete uses several different guitars often tuned in several different open or modal tunings.

Pete spent time working on the railroad as a gandydancer on a traveling steel gang, learning arhoolies and steel driving songs sung as they were originally given voice.

Born in the city but living most of his life in the country he relates strongly with rural music, the delta and country blues and the roots of bluegrass and jug band styles. “I’ve lived most of my life in the country on a dirt road and spent countless hours pickin guitar on the back porch. To me the blues have always been more than three chords and twelve bars, sometimes one chord is plenty to tell the story and convey the feeling I’m trying to put out."

Since the release ofhis CD, Homestyle, Pete has toured up and down the West Coast and on to Hawaii having adventures, chasing down new music and coming up with new song ideas. Now after over a year he has completed the performance piece, Steel Guitar, a Blues Odyssey, a folk opera. Steel Guitar contains 22 original songs that help tell a story of a guitar as it is passed from owner to owner, musician to musician, purchased, stolen, won in a card game, passed down through families.

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