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The eye-opening abrasive shovel full of truth that is “Without A Voice” examines a generation not lost but undefined and without purpose. Part of “The Weather EP” released in spring of 2013, the song is a very much needed catalyst in exposing the suspended disbelief that keeps the masses docile. Lead singer Joe McCaig talks about manufacturing consent and how “there have always been causes, movements for people to embrace and get behind, but now we’ve reached a state worse than apathy, contentment. People are easily manipulated when safety and protection become more important than freedom and choice. The rub is that we end up actually feeling like we are making choices as we willingly give our rights away with a smile.”

Empire Escorts mission began in late 2009. Their self-titled EP was finished in 2011 and the momentum started then continues to pick up speed as they hurl through time and space. The song that first had people buzzing was the bourbon pounding “Electric Whiskey.” A dangerous little number that lights a fire in your gullet and the results of whether that was good or bad won’t be revealed until tomorrow’s hangover. With the dynamic of these songs in their attaché case, the future’s looking open and exciting. They remain vigilant writing, touring, opening eyes, awakening souls, and unlocking minds.

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Tim Spaulding- Guitar+Vocals/ Tucker Williams- Bass/ Cameron Lockwood- Drums/ Joe McCaig- Vocals
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Empire Escorts
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Rock / Blues / Alternative

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Brick, NJ

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