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I'm just a person that wants to create everything that I know about that I'm interested in making. This is just one of the hand full of skill as well as a Tech Enthusiast and Truth Seeker. No I'm not considered a DJ I'm just a Producer for making original tracks from scratch mostly inspired by underground music and artists not heard of anywhere else.(Unlike crappy mainstream music ) It's not something I would do as a career nor something to use for the dance floor but only as a hobby and kind of a social type of thing and even including them with other non-music content I do every now and then.

I actually started with this music making thing in mid 2008 when I use to hangout with some friends who are rappers that called themselves by HMI. Unfortunately things didn't go so well due to conflicted with differences in music making. On February of 2010 I launched my first song "I Will Rise" as an experimental sample I made that was inspired by a dream I had that same night in which has been shorten later on. I have also release many songs that year but they sounded like crap. It took little over two years to rework and remaster alot of the songs I messed up so they had to be re uploaded now without clipping to remove scratching and high frequency sounds harmful to human hears that are now complete in the "Our Story Album" Launched on October of 2012.

In a later future I will have a collection of beta experimental and fails I have made uploaded for everyone to hear and compare how much it has changed since then.

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Dubstep / Trap / Acid / Bass / Dub / Future / Ambient / DNB / Garage / Glitch / Alternative / Experimental / Etc

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Las Vegas, NV

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