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Early days, "Transe"

In 1998, following the split of the South American band Alvacast, Leonardo Lamela created Transe: a trash/industrial metal project. Formerly the lead guitarist of the Uruguayan formation that immigrated to Montreal Canada in 1991, he started Transe as one-man-band, working alone, laying down the foundations of what Transe was to become. The first shows featured Leo, alone on stage, playing along to sequenced bass, drums and synths, in front of screens showing post-apocalyptic video montages. In 1999, an Alvacast reunion in Montevideo Uruguay brought opportunity to show his South American fans some of his solo work as well. Positive reactions from the crowd motivated Leo to take up lead singer duties and to write, play, sing and record Oxigeno, the first Transe album which came out in 2003. Well received in his native country, the opus won Album of the Year at the 2005 Graffiti Awards in Uruguay. Being offered to perform on the Awards show, he asked former Alvacast's drummer Jorge "Coco" Villar, who had moved back to Montevideo at the time, to join him on stage. Back in Montreal, the wish for a band with musicians instead of machines began to rise and drummer Peggy Morin-Marois, as well as bass player François Lamarche, were invited in. Transe had become a band. In September 2005, a music video was shot for the single Maquinas.

"Transe Metal Machine"

Having written enough material to record a new album, Leo and the band entered the studio at the end of 2005. Unsatisfied with the results of the first recordings, he put the project on hold for a couple of months before deciding to revive it with a modified name and direction: Transe Metal Machine, more metal, less industrial. Using material from the previous recordings, Transe Metal Machine released a new single at the beginning of 2007: Nothing I Can Do. The song gained enough attention in Uruguay for TMM to be invited to play at the 2008 Montevideo Metalfest. During the same period, Coco had moved back to Montreal and became the band's drummer again. TMM, now a duo, released another single, The Loudness of Silence, just weeks before traveling to Uruguay for the show. Lacking a permanent bass player, Leo invited for the occasion an old band-mate from Alvacast, Gustavo Rea. The three played in front of a crowd of crazy Uruguayan metal-heads, as shown in the Loudness of Silence music video. In September 2008, bass player Francis Gagné completed the formation and the band started to rearrange and rehearse songs for an upcoming studio recording. However, this was cut short when TMM was invited to play at Pilsen Rock 2009, again in Uruguay, and therefore decided to concentrate on another single: Resistencia, the band's first "bilingual" song mixing Spanish and English lyrics. The single was released in February, along with a music video. In March, the band played at the Pilsen Rock in Durazno, Uruguay in front of 60,000 people. The shows featured visual effects from Transe's early days, and recordings from this event were later used to release three live songs.

"Resistencia", the album

Finally the band began the long process of recording their next studio work, deleting and re-recording tracks until the desired sound and performance was achieved. Although most of the nine songs on the new album were written a few years earlier, they were all freshened up in connection with the band's new musical direction and benefitted from the newfound collaboration between Francis and Leo. Besides Francis' supporting vocals and prog-rock influenced bass-playing style, the revamped material featured faster and more complex drumming, heavier and thicker guitars, while keeping the signature synths and samples. Leo and Francis used all resources available to bring to a successful conclusion their self-produced album. Many friends and relatives were involved in the process. Leo's cousin, Fernando Tenreiro, created the album cover from which Leo borrowed elements to complete the artwork, using also various live shots offered by kind photographers. Francis mixed the album and the mastering was done by no one else than Peter In De Betou.

Since Coco, unfortunately, had to leave TMM for health reasons, the search for a permanent drummer was on again. The powerful and energetic Yuliyan Naumov Markov jumped on board just in time for another trip to Uruguay, playing at Punta Rock festival and La Trastienda in Montevideo. In October 2010, TMM had the privilege to play in their hometown Montreal, supporting fellow Canadian bands Unexpect and Manahil, as well as Stream of Passion from the Netherlands. Sadly, this great show was Transe Metal Machine last performance with Yuliyan, and the search for a replacement started once again. Louis-Philippe Dumoulin answered the call in early 2011 and became the new TMM drummer, and hopefully is here to stay. All bets are open...

In July 2011 Resistencia was released in Uruguay by the Montevideo Music Group, and self released in Montreal by the band. Transe Metal Machine's line-up now being complete, the band is planning a series of show for the year to come, in the hopes of reaching more fans and rocking their brains out!

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Leonardo Lamela - Lead Guitar/Vocals, Francis Gagné - Bass/Vocals, Alexis Serré - Drums
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Transe Metal Machine
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Metal / Thrash Metal

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Montréal, QC, CA

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