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Abyssal Dawn, an instrumental band formed in 2005 and had its given name by darkness and light, extreme like taking no prisoner's yet delicate when they want to. Abyssal Dawn’s genre leans towards ‘Avant Garde’ and Progressive music structures. Being a band with strong determination, Abyssal Dawn seeps into making Instrumental original songs influenced with neoclassical and symphonic melodic tunes and riffing.

What makes us want to do Instrumental songs is because we want listeners to feel and imagine, be carried away in a melancholic wave that touches every human emotion, emotions when in the dark and the sun.

Songs are composed by 6 diverse individuals whose names are: -

Nick Paine – bandleader / lead guitarist
Abdul Ghani - 2nd lead & rhythm guitarist
Mazly – bassist
Sharil Annuar - drummer
Maan - Voices
Khai - Keyboards

Abyssal Dawn was created by Nick Paine and Abdul Khai (Black) in mid-2005 which name sake of two guitarists of both trades. Childhood friends and band mates of former band Silver Reign, a post grunge group which hailed from the early 90's to 2000. Both individuals have different ideologies of influences and playing styles which they use to splice into one genre.

The group then began venturing into Melodic Death Metal where Alex Leong (The Necrolich) was recruited. Soon after Abdul Khai and Alex left due to personal agendas and with other fellow members leaving, Abyssal Dawn was left with one original band member Nick Paine and a newly recruited drummer Sharil.

With the current lineup in tow, Nick Paine and Sharil moved on to keep the band name alive till they recruited Shafiq who helms as bassist. With this, Abyssal Dawn moved on to composing an Instrumental Band which houses melodious tunes and riffing with neoclassical touch and symphonic rhythms. They went on furiously till one day Abyssal Dawn was recognized and signed with Anaki Records.

Things went down under for Abyssal Dawn when Shafiq chose to leave the band in late 2011. Nick and Sharil was once again thrown into darkness and had to halt sessions and gigs to search for new committed players. In Nov 2011, Nick found Mazly who is a bassist and his friendly neighbor. They talked and Mazly introduced Abdul Ghani who is a guitarist who was searching for a band to join.

With two new permanent members of Abyssal Dawn, it is a new ball game. With current songs heavily modified to a greater satisfaction and planned ideas are all in the pipeline to keep Abyssal Dawn going and be heard.

This goes to show that in darker times there will always be light and no matter the darkness, their heart will direct them to their correct path, this is the Abyssal Dawn spirit.

Abyssal Dawn has composed 4 original instrumental songs. It was first written in melodies by Nick Paine and was then worked together with the other members for the rhythms, bass and beats. The first song written by Abyssal Dawn is Into the Darkness. From there, Abyssal Dawn further wrote 3 more songs which are titled Dark Prince, Breath of the Dying and Cirque De la Mort respectively. Each song is first written by Nick Paine with his ideas coming from his strength of fighting against tough obstacles in his life. More new songs are in the making as we speak.

All songs composed are contributed by different influences and skills mainly in metal genre and orchestral works. Influences by symphony, neoclassical maestros, dubstep violinist to various metal genres even jazzy drum and guitar works all add up to what we so call ourselves as Avant Garde / Progressive metal. Fusions of genre into one whole song are not an easy task to achieve as listening to it. Structuring and interesting segments of the songs must be attained and make to be felt by listeners. With diverse listening and exposure backgrounds, Abyssal Dawn aims to create not only instrumentals but hopefully one day to work with different artists in lyrical works or composing.

Abyssal Dawn only believes in original writings and not always doing or performing cover songs.
As we believe in one’s true ability in creating a song must be delivered, recognized and listened by audiences that appreciate music at its finest. Hardships, ideas & passion can contribute to quality and valued songs.

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Nick paine - Multi-Instrumentalist
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Abyssal Dawn
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Metal / Avant Garde Progressive / Power

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