Sever is a band originally from Lancaster, Ohio. We
have been a band for 2 years. We recently released our first CD, a 5-song self-titled EP, in June
2011. At our debut as a headliner at Alrosa Villa, we drew a crowd of over 550 people, all of whom
pbought tickets for $6.00, and we have continued to draw large crowds on a consistent basis. We
have opened for a number of national acts, including Sevendust, 10 Years, All That Remains,(hed)pe,Lazarus A.D.,Icon For Hire,Kottonmouth Kings, STEMM,
Flaw, and Nonpoint. We were recently the main support and only opening band for Joey Belledonna in
Columbus, OH. We will also be the main support for Kitty when they play at the Alrosa Villa in August.
We have established a good relationship with Central Ohio’s number one rock station, 99.7 The Blitz,
and we have been the featured band at a number of their events. We are being played in full rotation on 99.7 all of August!

Sever has performed regularly in the Central Ohio area since the band’s inception, averaging
around 8 shows a month. We have saved the money from our shows and spent it on high quality
recordings at Sonic Lounge Studios, with the area’s preeminent rock producer, Joe Viers. We have
created a great deal of buzz and become one of Columbus’s top bands in an unusually short amount of
time. Sever quickly established a very strong internet presence, utilizing websites and social networking
to promote shows and grow our local music scene. This was recently illustrated when Sever won the
online voting poll hosted by Rock On The Range, beating out a number of very established, veteran local
bands. We believe that our sound is a perfect fit in the modern rock atmosphere, and that if we are
given the opportunity to open for the right bands and perform in front of the right audiences, our sound
will catch on quickly.

The band members are in their late 20s and early 30s. We are all experienced, driven musicians
who want to tour and take Sever to the next level. We all have exceptional quality gear. We are all willing to take whatever outside direction is needed, and
we are eager to do the work necessary to earn our advancement as a band. We are interested in finding
support in the form of professional management and a good record label. We feel that at this point, our
band is ready to expand our boundaries and play upon the national stage. We sincerely believe that if
Sever is given the proper support, we will rapidly gain a large following with our broad appeal and
memorable hooks.

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Mark Stebleton,Aaron Snyder,James Bruney
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Rock / Hard Rock / Metal

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Columbus, OH