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Dear Friends, all 3 songs on Songvault have been placed in the SongVault Directory and on there play list on the SongVault Radio Network. I will give you the link here. http://songvault.fm and thank you for your help. Blessings Heleana Maria

Hi Reverb fans or friends,
I truly came to the Lord and was blessed with song
and the ability to do abstract art all within a year or
so of each other. My youngest daughther prayed for me to
recieve hobbies and God graciously answered her prayer.
God is That Good! I was feeling really lonely and depressed before that at the time and just wanted to run away, but
i didn't run, instead I recieved The Ten Commandments from my dearest mother the day after my 51st birthday.
Boy, What an eye opener that Was! I realized something
wasn't right with my life. That night I wanted to just
runaway and be by myself but God came to me and I just
Started to cry and then later on a dear young woman
i took in years before told me that we both needed to
read the bible. The only thing i knew was Genesis.
i just started reading over the phone and soon I was
focusing and not feeling lonely and starting to feel
a slight bit of Gods Joy. Then shortly afer that the
gift of Song and poetry and abstract art was given
to me. So This is how these songs came about.
i did sing in gradeschool choir and highschool and a little bit in college, but as far as writing songs never
have I ever written a song until about five or so years
ago, I thought you should all know a little about me
and this Unbelievable Journey for God and His people.

Blessings, To All,
Heleana Maria

present. What an eyeopener it was. I still was confused
but after readling the bible for a couple of weeks day
and night to keep some kind of focus. I started feeling
Gods Joy He offers to All!
Well that is my story and I have been in choirs since
I was a little girl, sang in Highschool and a little
in college. I really love listening to many types of
music, and love to go to live concerts.

Blessings To All,
Heleana Maria

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Heleana Maria - Vocals/songwriter, 7beatstreet - Multi-Instrumentalist, 7beatstreet - Vocals/songwriter, Ben Parker - Multi-Instrumentalist
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Heleana Maria
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Christian/Gospel / Christian/Blues / Christian Rock

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olathe, KS