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I am a hobbyist musician. I am not looking to get famous or make money doing what I love, at the same time I do not put much money into software and it is noticeable compared to the big dogs. Most of my vocal and acoustic pieces are pretty raw but I pour my heart into what I write. Most of what I create I do strictly for the online medium so thats why I keep it short. Rarely have I ever listened to anything here longer then 5 minutes. Its the Adhd/OCD generation. I use Mixcraft 6 as my software with a variety of free and demo vsts, Guitar rig is one of my favorites along with Nemesis and minimoog. I use a 3/4 Fender classical acoustic. Lexicon Lambda interface (suxs).

My earlier pieces had many more loops used from the Mixcraft DAW. As I grew into using electronics for instruments I either didn't have or literally couldn't play, my abilities to compose without loops increased. Today, after about 13 years of writing, composing and producing as SmPulse, most of my stuff is all hand composed. I mostly enjoying combining electronic with acoustic and vocals. I am not the best singer but I feel I am getting better. Recently bought a new condenser Mic which should help in better vocal production. Up till then have only been using a small comp mic that is combined with my cam for recording my Fender and a dynamic mic for vocals.

All my music is free for anything anyone would want it for. If you can make money with it then I just ask for at least credit. I also usually just ask people to email me if anyone wants any of it as I don't just leave it open for download. Its too personal to me to have bots download it.

Thanks for stopping by :)

SmPulse :)
Aka Will B.A.

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Will B.A. - Multi-Instrumentalist/Vocals
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Electronica / Alternative/Cinematic / Chill out

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Denver, CO
Will B.A.

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