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Do you suddenly feel the urge to pay more than your fair share of taxes? Do you feel compelled to "obey" and you're not sure what you're supposed to be obeying? Do you get a splitting headache anytime you're within 100 miles of the Washington Monument? Do you hear voices transmitting from the metal fillings in your teeth? If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding yes, you need to ask yourself an important question . . . Are you PROTECTED? The time is now and it is a call to arms!! ALL ABLE BODIED MEN AND WOMEN ARE CALLED TO ENLIST!!

The Tin Foil Militia is the latest musical project of Paulo Franco (guitars), Miles Johnston (drums), Jim McCauley (guitars) and the newest recruit, Chris Newcomb (bass). Combining music from the 60, 70s, 80, 90s and 00s, from the blues to rock, to new wave, original tunes and more than you can imagine, The Tin Foil Militia are broadcasting their music to fight back against the evils of government sponsored psychotronic mind control rays!! Join the Tin Foil Militia -- the Revoultion STARTS NOW!!

Look for the TFM to be showcasing more original material in 2011.

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Band Members
Paulo Franco - Lead Guitar/Vocals, Jim McCauley - Lead Guitar/Vocals, Chris Newcomb - Bass/Vocals, Miles Johnston - Drums/Vocals
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The Tin Foil Militia
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Rock / Classic/Southern Rock / Blues

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Richmond, VA