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Fueled by narcissism and a need for reaffirmation, frontman ,Jeff Sollohub sought out an environment where his self-centeredness could thrive; A place where he would be safe from the pesky little voices of closeted self-loathing. Meanwhile, guitarist Tim Beattie was looking for a legitimate reason to quit his job, drink beer and perfect the power slide. The two had been playing together all through high school in Tallahassee, Florida, after which, Jeff went to Berklee College of Music in Boston and Tim went on to be all he could be in the Air Force. They finally reunited in Denver in a classic Hallmark moment, only with more beer.
Bassist, Tim Hankinson was recently transplanted from Cincinatti where he was slaying audiences with his awesome powers of “dread-fu” and loks of fury. When they got together and played, they found their styles fit like a glove...for a 3 fingered man...or a sloth...or a T-rex…well,like a glove for something with 3 fingers.
They recruited long time friend and percussive powerhouse, the always-sexy, Jesse Starnes, as their drummer.
The pieces in place, MINER is now making waves in the Denver scene, rocking audiences with every show.
Now their epic tale begins...

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Jeff Sollohub(guitar,vocals,sitar,sequencing),Tim Beattie(guitar,vocals),Charlie Meyer(drums)
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Denver, CO

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