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I'm Originally from the Bay Area of California. I was born in Vallejo, CA. I grew up listening to rap, I was in a vary large hip hop community so that was always my choice of music. I started rapping at around ten, me and my homeboy Jeremy would freestyle and shit; but it wasnt untill I moved to Redmond, OR that I began gettin serious about makin tracks. I was twelve years old When I moved to Central Oregon. This town was mostly full of rockers, preps, and cowboys so I got made fun of alot for the way i dressed, the way i talked, and of course the fact that I rapped. But i let the haters say what the fuck they wanted to; i used the negative feed back to better myself and prove everybody wrong. At the age of Thirteen I came up with the Alias The Prophecy, it just had a ring to it. I new a few other dudes that tried to rap and I would freestyle battle at this little club they had for High Schoolers called the millenium club. I use to make little freestyle mixtapes on my homies(Trevor G) computer through the Windows Movie Maker program. He had a little piece of shit mic that I'd rap into and eventually I got him to where he started rappin with me. the first program i ever used to make beats was hip hop 5, I thought it was the shit untill I got fruity loops, then it was like damn I actually made the motherfuckin music. We both got addicted to the shit and would make beats just about every day. after a while of beat makin and gettin better we would skip school and make tracks then go back to school and hand out CD's we had everybody in this little ass high school comin up to us askin for a copy of the latest songs, thats when I knew this is what I wanted to do and no matter what i was goin to persue music.

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The Prophecy, Trevor G, & Scarecroe
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The Prophecy
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Redmond, OR
The Prophecy, & Trevor G