Nine globally-sourced roqueros and ballerina/os out of shady, sandy Miami, Florida bringing that big rumba riot punk ska sound since 2009. The ethic: tour consummately & catalyze musical performance, building epic operas, and benefiting all sentient beings…

“That is the essence of the entire band; it is a no bullshit, full energy party, where anyone and everyone is welcome.” -Lexy Lyn Senft (Vivalexy), Dying Scene

Their salamander-like ability to quickly abort and change styles from thrashing euro-punk to folk cumbia-rumba and dirty reggae ska to mambo and street jazz has put them on stages with a vast array of big bands—in no particular order: The Slackers, Strung Out, Less Than Jake, The Misfits, Inspektah Dek, The Pietasters, Flogging Molly, Catch 22, The Koffin Kats, Voodoo Glow Skulls, NOFX, The Bouncing Souls, The Skatalites, and many more.

Four facts of import: (1) Askultura’s music is physically distro’ed on 4 continents and is on lots of comps and radio shows (2) they’re booked to play aboard Flogging Molly’s Salty Dog Cruise in March 2017, (3) 'askultura' is a portmanteau of the Italian 'ascolta la cultura' and translates to 'Joe Pesci's greatness is universal', and (4) The Askultura Vandal Squad (AVS) is a “street team” of happy misfits that demonstrate ultimate commitment to the band.

Askultura’s Summer 2016 EP tentatively titled 'It's Like Jazz?', their fourth release, promises to be a thumpin and blistering collection of punk, mambo, reggae, and folk sounds, and will feature Miami-based Andean folk band Kuyayky and Pdrito of Gogol Bordello. Please anticipate a return to heavy Askultura touring soon and make yourself available for a damn fine event.

Askultura [ahz-cool-too-ra] Mission Statement: To spread the party of energia positiva & symphonic rumba punk elements to all curves of the galaxy. To exercise the spirit of the people's streets on all stages everywhere. To incite moments of brief rebellion while leaving a lasting aftertaste for change.

Genre: Rumba Punk Ska
RIYL/FFO: Gogol Bordello, Manu Chao, Flogging Molly
Tagline: Miami’s Superhuman Excitement Crew
Contact: Ian Maddox, 917-768-0635, ianmaddox.uk@gmail.com

General Info

Band Members
And Chisena - Vocals, Jorge Garcia - Keyboard, Alan Gribbs - Horns, DC Caldwell - Drums, Mathieu Bernard - Bass, Captain TJ MacElroy - Beat Programmer, El Luch - Electric Guitar, Chino Palacios - Percussion, Alex Coombs - Horns
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Active Since
Punk / Rumba Punk Ska

Contact Info

Miami, FL
Ian Maddox 917-768-0635

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