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Born in Colorado, Zain Effendi began life as a passionate composer of symphonic music at a very early age. In his teenage years, he became fascinated with the art of filmmaking. His college years were spent studying at the finest music schools in the East Coast. While studying
composition at The Boston Conservatory for Music under the highly acclaimed composer Andy Vores, Zain spent countless hours perfecting his skills with the orchestra. These years played a key role in the development of Zain's unique symphonic voice. It was during his last year while studying at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston,
where Zain had the rare opportunity to work alongside the Academy Award Winning composer Hans Zimmer (The Lion King.) Upon his arrival in Hollywood, Zain was immediately thrown into the biggest blockbusters of that summer. He was a part of such a world class team, all working together towards the production of such scores a The Pirates of The Caribbean and The Dark Knight." After
several years and almost a dozen films (The Holiday, Pirates of The Caribbean 3: A Dead Man's Chest, The Simpson's Movie, Bee Movie, Transformers, Casi Divas, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar 2: Escape From Africa, Frost/Nixon, The Dark Knight) with
Zimmer, Zain left the studio to venture onto his solo career.
Zain currently works in his studios both in New York City and in Los Angeles
California, Scoring music for Film & TV.

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