To describe Unaversal in a few words cannot be done; there is so much more to this talented young artist born on Independence Day in 1989, he would soon come to find that the world can be very uneasy place to live in.At age 7, he and his sister were abandoned at a dormitory facility in Alabama by their mother who was struggling with drug addiction. By age 9, his grandmother saved the day and brought them home to Chicago. Somehow he ended up on DCFS grid, but by age 12 he broke away from the system. Life became a constant battle as he experienced being homeless, sleeping in halls, abandoned buildings, and occasionally in the homes of others who would take him in. It was more or less a game of survival as he quickly learned how to work the streets, fighting just to stay alive.
Witnessing so much violence and death forced him to turn to music and writing, and soon he found the lord as his guide to help him deal with his own frustrations and pains. To this day, Unaversal has truly beat the odds and because of his intelligence and knowledge of the streets, he has no criminal record. He continues to hustle but it's all about the music; he has a strong passion for it. Much more mature than the average young black male in his age group, he has become spiritually conscious.

Some of Unaversal's musical influences include Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Jay – Z, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang Clan, Rick Ross, & TI.

Although his talents prove he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, he remains humble. It is as if he was meant to talk to the world about his own life experiences and to wake people up to the dark side of urban culture.

Today he's living for the music and his newborn daughter.

I am thankful for music, but most of all the Lord for many blessings and for helping me to shine through the dark days and nights. Hopefully through my success my mother will be able to open her eyes and battle her own demons. For all the people whom I've encountered in the past, I hope they will look to me as an example that nightmares end and dreams come true. I encourage everyone to set goals in life and go for them…By any means

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Hip Hop / Rap / Heart Felt

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Chicago, IL

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