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Zora is an American independent alternative / electro-acoustic music duo from Cleveland, formed in 2012 and currently residing in Bradenton, Florida. The duo consists of Zora (vocals, keyboards, production, songwriting) and Xhausen (synthesizer, production). Together, they have just released their debut full-length album, "Metamorphosis," on December 13th, 2013. Influenced by the likes of Tori Amos, Björk, and Nine Inch Nails, this duo’s music can be described as ethereal, yet edgy; while their debut album "Metamorphosis" offers a unique fusion of electronic, avant-garde and classic orchestral sounds married to haunting vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. Currently, to promote their new album, Zora is playing shows in Northeastern Ohio and surrounding cities. Zora’s live performances promise to be a full audio-visual experience; merging sound with cinematography – and art with technology.

Hungarian by birth, American by circumstance, Zora's inspiration for music has been shaped by hardships she experienced early in life. From the sudden loss of her mother at an early age, to her years wandering the U.S. as a first-generation immigrant, Zora's perceptive lyrics reflect not only the unpredictability of her own past, but her keen observations of the unsound world in which we live today.

Prior to pursuing music full time, Zora sought the stability of a college education with the intention of becoming a doctor. She earned her bachelor’s degree and was accepted into medical school – but it was here that Zora understood that her passion for music could not be suppressed and thus decided to take a break from medical school to explore a new path of creativity and expression.

At this time, Zora began writing songs, experimenting with different sounds, and learning music production. When she met Xhausen, everything seemed to click. Their common love for both Rachmaninoff piano concertos and dark, industrial beats was a match made in heaven. The two began experimenting, and after 6 months of locking themselves away from the outside world, finished writing and recording their first album together.

Part autobiographical and part dystopian fantasy, Zora's debut full length, "Metamorphosis," promises to take you on an epic voyage of self-discovery. A concept album inspired by narrative events and loosely based on Kafka’s novella (of the same title), the album explores themes of alienation, destruction, universal randomness, and the eternal cycle of death and rebirth; calling for awareness of ones past and present in order to combat the uncertainty and chaos that is the future. Sonically, the album spans multiple genres and takes on many forms to reflect the evolving story behind each song; from piano-driven ambient space-soundscapes to heavy bass and primal electronic beats.

“Zora proves to be insanely original & creative on the new release. Together, Zora is bringing you a sound that is so wildly inventive and outside-the-box to the point where you can’t even begin to classify their music. On ‘Metamorphosis’ you will hear elements of: electronica, dance beats, industrial & gothic sounds, classical/orchestral moments & plenty of ambient soundscapes thrown in. Zora and ‘Metamorphosis’ are alternative & indie as can be and that is what makes this group and its concept album so darn intriguing!”

- Jimmy Rae, Skope Magazine

"Zora's whispery vocals recall Tori Amos on tunes such as Alienation and Cybergalatica. A moody mix of electronic and organic instrumentation, the music sounds something like Portishead or Evanescence."

- Jeff Niesel, Scene Magazine

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Zora - Vox/Piano/Production + Xhausen - Synths/Production
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Indie / Electronic / Alternative

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Bradenton, FL

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